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He didn't regret growing up the way he did. He didn't wish for more money or a fancier house. He wanted his mother happy and for the most part, she was. He would always think she could do better than his dad but she loved him and said she couldn't see a life without him in it. He guessed that was as true a love as any but he didn't see it returned. He saw the world through clear colored glasses with his upbringing. He wasn't sheltered or shielded from the cruelty of the world. He saw it all in surround sound. He learned that he didn't always get what he wanted and he had to work for everything. His dad made sure there was never a shortage of chores to be done. He started bottling up inside when he was pretty young. It was a defense mechanism because the few times he'd chosen to say what he was thinking to his dad, he was usually disappointed. His dad would make him feel stupid and so he learned to just hold his tongue. He started keeping secrets so he wouldn't get in trouble. He started keeping his feelings to himself. They were all stupid so why share them?

He didn't have anyone he held close like she seemed to with Townsend. He was glad that she had someone to lean on. That was a luxury he wouldn't know what to do with even if he had it. He'd never been good about opening up to people. Becca was probably the first and only person he'd ever trusted enough to really talk to and look where that got him. She was just a phoney in the end, apparently something Adelaide wasn't a fan of, if her fireplace was any proof. He said that it looked good and she told him just what she thought of fake things. He could tell she was talking about way more than just the fireplace, one brow raising as he tilted his head a little and focused on her attentively. "I'll be sure to remember that, but you won't see me touching a rose without a good pair of leather gloves." He offered a small smirk before his face sobered and his eyes softened. "On a serious note though, I know exactly what you mean." His lips tugged into a warm smile. He tried to joke about taking bottles of liquor home and she pushed again, saying she found him quite charming in an endearing way. His smirk was lopsided, his eyes twinkling playfully as he acted like he had a cowboy hat on, pretending to tip it toward her. "Well, thank ya very much, ma'am. I'll take that as a compliment."

The more he studied the two dogs watching him, the more he found them quite fascinating. He could easily tell the female was more way of him than the male and it made him that much more determined to win her over as well. It was a new challenge, something he hoped he would get to see the end of. When he mentioned a T-bone, the male Reginald walked over to him, butting his hand. Taylor chuckled and reached out, letting him sniff his hand before he gently scratched behind his ears, trying to find a good spot. When the dog settled at his feet, he smiled down at him, a new shine in his eyes at making a new friend. He'd never had pets as a child so the idea of a dog liking him, no matter how simple the gesture, was something to be excited about. He grinned like a kid before turning back to Adelaide as she mentioned the whiskey. He nodded. "You are absolutely right. It never hurts." He reached for the glass, hissing a little through his teeth as she pulled out another piece. Shooting her an accusing look like she did it at that particular time on purpose, he grasped the glass and turned it up, emptying it in one gulp. He gently set it down. "Yep, I feel it helping already." He smirked teasingly.

He let her finish pulling the pieces out, studying her features curiously once more as she caressed his forearm. He knew she was just feeling to make sure she got all the pieces but he couldn't help the way his skin tingled at her touch, the way goosebumps threatened to pop up and his body tensed with anticipation. He bit his lip and looked down at his arm. "Got em all?" He was afraid she might pull away from him when he made his forward comment about the usual time he spent with females but once more she surprised him by giving him a raised brow before saying she could understand him being uncomfortable but she didn't bite much. He laughed, his eyes lighting up with the genuine emotion. "Well I don't recall saying that was an issue either way but I appreciate the warning." He said with a playful wink in her direction this time. He could play that game too, though he would admit, she looked pretty damn good when she was playing the role of seductress, even if she only meant it for fun. He asked about her treatment of men and she let him know she was hardly gentle. He nodded in understanding as she let him know they were usually just at her home to try to win her hand over for marriage. He couldn't begin to understand what she must have gone through.

"Well I'm glad you didn't fall prey to their charms. I'd hate to have never gotten this night." He smiled, letting her know he meant every word as he poured more whiskey into his glass and held it up. "To not playing the fool." He smirked, waiting to toast with her before emptying his glass once more. He needed to slow down otherwise he'd be the one making a fool of himself before the end of the night and he didn't need that to be the impression he left on her mind. He raised a brow when she said he was the first. "Dear, huh? I could get used to that." He chuckled playfully. He was almost disappointed when she finished cleaning his arm so now he just had to find something to do with both arms, settling for folding them both across his lap. He commented on her accent and she assured him that she got a good education. She knew Russian too? That was sexy, he had to admit. "Too cold for your taste?" He asked with a small smirk. Next thing he knew, they were sharing their backgrounds. He felt it only right for him to share since she had told him about her father and what she had wanted to get away from. He didn't want anyone knowing about Doug or the past he was running from but somehow, he knew he could trust her. Plus he already knew he didn't want her in harm's way. She was a good person. She didn't deserve that.

She assured him that their fathers could have been friends and he snorted. "Sounds like." He told her that she could vent to him all she wanted and she told him another night, assuring him that his arm was now glass free. He grinned. "And I have you to thank for that. I guess we're even on the heroic front then so I'll just have to do something else stupid so you'll owe me again." When he explained that he was running from dangerous people and she needed to stay away, he expected her attitude toward him to shift in favor of her own survival. The last thing he expected was for her to lean toward him and place her hands gently over his. There was only sympathy and understanding in her eyes. His brows furrowed as he tried to read her expression. He scowled the minute she brought up money though. He pulled his hands out form under hers. He was about to lecture her about offering free money out, that he wasn't interested in free hand-outs, but then she offered him a job, saying they could use someone for landscaping around the yard. He raised a brow, his lips twitching. But he did shake his head a little as she talked about the pay. "I'll take the offer, but only for the pay I earn, nothing more. I have my pride, you know."

He offered a warm smile, knowing she was only trying to help. "It's like you're in my head. I actually used to do some landscaping work. Not going to say I was much good but I'll give it the ol' college try." He smirked. "Not saying I was terrible though. I've always been a little bit of a handyman. I'll fix anything you got." He said with more confidence, wanting her to know that she wasn't making a mistake with the offer. Then she got serious, telling him he wasn't a disappointment and he smiled, his eyes softening. "Thanks. That means a lot, really." She squeezed his hand and he found he had been staring a bit too long, pulling back suddenly as he cleared his throat and stood. "So...I should probably head on back to the motel. Thank you again, for my arm and the job. I won't let you down. When's my first shift, boss?" He smirked, putting his hands in his pockets as he tried to look less awkward.


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