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Honesty was something Taylor valued highly in everyone he associated with. If a friend couldn't be truthful with him, they weren't a friend and he would discard them immediately. His mother taught him to always tell the truth, even if it got him in trouble. He learned quickly as he aged and grew more mature that his mother knew that certain rule could be bent just a little when it came to his father. She even helped him cover up some of the stuff he'd done as a stupid kid. When he traipsed in covered in bruises from getting into a fight at school (and losing), his father had confronted him about it and his mother was quick to step forward and say that he'd fallen hard in a game of kickball while running. She had been the one called to school since his dad was at work so with her on his side, he was scott-free. Not that his dad was completely convinced, but knowing his mom would never change her story, he had decided to let it go in the end. They both knew that if his dad found out he hadn't won in the fight, he would never let him forget about it. It wasn't the fact that he'd been fighting, just that he wasn't a winner, even from the beginner. He'd just always been a failure to his father. It started at an early age.

He hadn't been looking for any of this to happen tonight, but that didn't mean he wasn't happy that it had. He didn't go into that burlesque looking to meet a great girl and go home with her so she can doctor his vigilante wounds and see what a good guy he is. No, he'd only been looking for a few drinks and some quiet time so he could see the kind of people he now shared a city with. Now he was getting to know one of them a lot more than he had anticipatied but he was okay with that. He didn't see how no one else thought to step in when that man started harassing Adelaide. Where was the chivalry in men now a days? Surely some still had to exist. He couldn't be that much of a dying breed. But he was thankful that he had stepped in, thankful that he'd gotten to take her on a bike ride and see just how free she could be when she let herself go. It was obvious that's all she wanted to do. She came here looking for freedom and instead she'd found the most rebellious person in Sacrosanct. All he knew was freedom, but his had come at a price. A price he didn't want her to pay. He wasn't usually one to share his story, not because he wanted to seem like the mysterious broodng type. That was never his go-to. No, he was just an introvert, used to bottling it all up cause who wants to hear a sob story?

But somehow she made him feel like he could say anything and she would try her very best to understand. No judgement. It was refreshing, for lack of a better word. She let him know some of the skeletons in her closet and he reciprocating by filling her in on just how much of a jerk his own father was, along with his own dark history. She charmed him at every turn and he played along with his usual easygoing nature, playing the confidence card when he felt anything but around the likes of her. Even if she didn't have money, he would still be nervous in her presence. She was so exotic, so shiny and new with her foreign beauty and lilting accent. She had a light in her eyes you see in very few women these days. She was just so alive. And instead of bottling up that light to keep it safe, he wanted to set it free to light up the world with his arms to shelter it from any storms. She laughed at his gestures and his eyes only brightened more, his lips quirking automatically at the contagious sound. He had to chuckle himself as Reginald came over to greet him, bumping his hand with his giant tongue hanging out. It was a good feeling, to have an animal look at him with such a generous nature. Adelaide only seemed amused at him, raising a brow every time he hissed in pain or gave her a look from pulling out the glass pieces. He said the whiskey didn't hurt and she only said good as she continued working.

When he asked if she'd gotten them all, she told him almost and warned him not to wiggle. He straightened, trying to go as still as a statue. "Yes ma'am." He answered back with amusement glittering in his own eyes. He played back with her about biting and he didn't miss that seducting look that crossed her features as her eyes glittered. It was a good look for her, one he wouldn't forget any time soon. When he told her that he was glad they had gotten this night, he saw something like a silent question in her eyes but instead of voicing it as he expected, she stayed silent. She did agree wtih his toast, touching her glass to his before they drank. She told him she was glad they had met, that she could laugh so easily with him and he smiled, the warmth reaching his eyes. "Me, too. It's nice to have a friendly face in a new town." He teased her about calling him dear and he liked the smile that hints of something more as she told him it would be worth it to stick around then. He chuckled. "I might just do that, with reason, of course. Don't want to come off as the creepy stalker type." He added with a light smirk.

When he asked about Russia being too cold, she answered back with foreign words and he could only guess that was Russian. He wrinkled his nose a little. "Somehow the French sounds much sexier." He noted the darkening of her features when the subject moved to their fathers so thankfully they got off those tracks quick enough and he teased her about doing something else stupid so she'd have to owe him one again. She offered to stitch him up anytime and he shrugged. "Afraid that runs in my blood so it's a good thing I'll have my own nurse on call." He teased back playfully. He told her about the loan sharks and he wasn't surprised about her offering to pay him so he could pay them off. It was better than her just trying to give him free money, anyway. He was about to voice his objection but he knew he could use the money and definitely the job, if not, just to give him something to do. Plus he would get to know her some more (hopefully). He softened, giving in with a sigh. He almost expected her to be offended that he would think to turn her down at all, but instead she only seemed to soften more toward him, telling him he could take pride in his need to do something to earn the cash. He shrugged, unable to thik of anything smooth or charming to say back to that.

She seemed assured that he would do a good job landscaping, mentioning Townsend and his brow raised a little. "My supervisor, eh? Should be interesting." He expected the man to have plenty to distrust about him. Maybe he would manage to get past his exterior or maybe he would just have to be persistent and keep trying. He didn't blame Townsend for being protective of her. In fact, he was glad that he was. He would be damned before he didn't make a friend of the man Adelaide trusts above all else, though. Who better to get insider info on her from? First he had to find the man's good side of course. As she squeezed his hands, he was altogether aware of their close proximity and just how alone they were, besides the dogs, of course. He took that moment to stand to put a little distance between them if anything so he could think a little clearer. He was almost disappointed that Reginald decided to get up and move though. He was just starting to get used to feeling that companionship. He glanced over as he went to sit by Rose, who gave him a suspicious look. He only raised a brow. "You just wait. I'll win you over in time." He saw something like distaste in Adelaide's eyes for a moment when he mentioned the motel but thankfully she didn't say anything about it. He was sure she was probably already wanting to offer him something else but he wouldn't be able to handle her trying to take care of him like that. He had his pride, dammit.

He asked about his first shift and she told him first thing in the morning. He held back a groan. He hated early mornings but he had told her he would do the work and he wasn't about to let her down. He would just have to buy a good alarm clock on the way back to the motel. He nodded. "Duly noted. Seven o'clock it is, then." He followed her to the door, trying his best not to look too long at her back, the way her hair cascaded down like a dark waterfall or the shapely curves of her waist and hips. Not to mention her just long enough legs. It all fit together just right. His gaze snapped up as Townsend walked into the picture though, clearing his throat and nodding in a polite farewell to the man. "It was nice to meet you, Townsend. See ya in the morning." He offered with a smile as he brushed past him, stopping on the front step to turn back to Adelaide. He smiled warmly at her words of farewell. "Will do. Wouldn't want to disappoint my new boss before my first day." He smirked, before his face softened. "Good night, Adelaide." He said it almost in a whisper, his eyes practically dancing as he then turned and walked slowly back to his bike. He told himself he wouldn't turn around, hearing the soft click of that door shutting as he got on his bike and turned the key. Only once the door was closed did he turn his head once to look back, a smile warming his features as he sighed and then revved the engine before taking off into the night.


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