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Abigail Hughes

Today was the day. Or rather, tonight was the night. Tonight was that designated night of the week that she spent with her best friend in the same way she had for a near year. Tonight, however, was markedly special. Tonight was the very first evening she would return to him after admitting to the fact that she was...well…more then just a Red Panda. She had finally showed him that otherwise intelligent girl beneath that russet fur. Arlo had taken it all well enough, really. H had forgiven her and had been nice to her and even had hugged her...twice! Even so, she was almost nervous for tonight. And giddy. Okay, maybe super giddy. After all, he finally knew! He knew it was her and….and….well hopefully he still wouldn't mind that continuing of those traditions. It was maybe a little silly but...Abigail liked being a Panda. She enjoyed curling up within the hood of his jacket and rubbing her cheeks against his neck. Those little glimpses of affection felt so natural in her animal form and yet...in human skin she was entirely uncertain of how to show that she liked him. Of course she liked him, he was her best friend after all but..maybe…like liked him. Like, little butterflies in her chest kind of liking. She totally shouldn't be thinking of this.

Quite purposefully, Abigail shook her head in effort to rid herself such thoughts. Her clothes were ever so neatly tossed within her hamper, the woman pausing within her bedroom to take a deep breath. Okay, she was ready. Bringing about that shift was hardly difficult for the young woman, at least, she was able to control it. She was, however, decidedly bashful about the whole affair, the young woman entirely assured that to watch someone's bones and muscles snap, no matter how quickly, into such vastly different shapes was all but grotesque. In fact, she was so self conscious enough of it that no one besides her mother had ever witnessed such a thing before. Soon enough, however, that little russet furred creature stood in the middle of that room, shaking out her fur with a sort of glee. The girl bounded quite readily from that room, moving quite purposefully towards that window she'd left open just enough for her body to squeeze through. Maybe she should get like a dog door or something….was that demeaning? It seemed sensible. It was a prospect she was at least content to consider as she strode down the street and that familiar pathway towards Arlo's apartment in the Western part of town.

The sun had only just fully set over the horizon when Abby began to climb the fire escape that leaned up against the side of the building, providing her access to the window in the dining area of Arlo's apartment several stories above. That window was only just cracked, enough so for Abigail to fit her little nose through it and force it further upwards still in the same way she always did. It took a little bit of wiggling for the girl to make it through the window and yet, soon enough, she landed with a soft thud onto the floor of that apartment. The little creature rose, shaking off her fur in the same fashion she had earlier that night only to turn and collide directly into...a closed door? What? Arlo never closed his door for her! Maybe he wasn't expecting her? Maybe he thought she wouldn't come back and visit like this now that he knew she was something else? Maybe it was just that she was early? Yes, it must have been that. The girl nodded, only to settle on her haunches just in front of the door, those hazel eyes staring at that wooden surface quite intently with the sudden decision that she would just wait for him. She was so intent in her waiting, in fact, that she hardly noticed that, for once, Abigail wasn't the only one in the main living space of that apartment...


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