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Abigail Hughes

She didn't mean to be here early. In fact, Abigail had never arrived before her best friend was awake. Maybe it would be a pleasant surprise for him to wake up to find her! Hopefully he wouldn't mind. At least, she didn't think he'd mind. Wait. What was that noise? Her ear twitched, the little panda's head slowly turned at the sound of footsteps on that hardwood floor. She turned just in time to see the face of a young woman half way across the room, her hazel eyes intently staring at the woman with the same wide-eyed look she was given in return. Was this that….Mi gil that Arlo spoke of? The one that didn't believe him when he said he was a vampire? Frankly, Abigail wasn't terribly sure of the woman but...she seemed to have been sweeping what with that broom in her hand. That was kind of nice of her, Abby supposed. Arlo needed a little help in the cleaning department and if Mi was assisting with that then maybe she wasn't so bad? The little panda rose to her feet only to turn and face the woman, clearly intending to say her hellos to her as well, after all, maybe she could help?! Or at least they could wait for Arlo to wake up together!

That sudden lunge caught the young woman wholly off guard, her little legs near freezing at that rush of speed as the woman moved with that boom in hand, bristles pointing outwards. The last thing that Abigail was prepared for was for that cleaning object to quite suddenly slam into her head, sending her off balance and falling over backwards with limbs flinging in the air. It took her a few precarious seconds to right herself, that high pitched scream caused her ears to pivot on the back of her head. She shifted, throwing her small frame into the door to scratch at that crack, as if it would let her into that room of perceived safety sooner than having to face that terrifying woman! The broom swept at her from the side, the bristles poking and prodding into her only to further undo her generally delicate balance. Her heart beat faster in her chest, pounding against her rib cage as that adrenaline started to fill the little panda's system. That additional lunge towards her was all that was necessary to get the girl to abandon her foolish hopes that Arlo would magically open the door to rescue her. She scrambled back onto her feet, her hazel eyes turned towards the window, that path towards her freedom fully blocked by that broom. Oh no, oh no! What should she do?!

The thud of the plastic portion of the broom on the floor was all that was necessary to prompt a sound from the panda's lips, the little creature scrambled to flee from the onrush of that broom and the woman that wielded the thing like a weapon. She raced through that open flat, scurrying beneath the dining table, her body hardly meant for such a high speed chase. She slammed into the leg of that chair as she turned towards the kitchen, the impact of her body enough to send the chair falling backwards as Abby scurried to jump upwards and onto the countertop. Climb! That's what she had to do, that's where she was safe. Her kind was meant to be high above the ground, curled up in sanctuary of those treetops. It was that very place her instincts so demanded of her. But there were no trees here! What to do, what to do. THE FRIDGE. She could climb the fridge! She just had to make it there. Abigail lunged forward, racing across those countertops with little care as to what she knocked over, all that mattered in that moment was getting high and safe.


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