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Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

Eventually all of Malia’s questions would need answers but Nadya didn’t want to be alone when having to retell it. It would be better if Frost was there as well. In the meantime Nadya would answer what she felt she could. “No, my brother was fine with them living there. He wanted me to live at the Ark and knew that they were a part of the deal. It was Tobias’ new mate, she doesn’t care for the twins or me even before she was in the pack, wouldn’t be in the same room as them or me so it became too difficult to play musical rooms on the Ark. Not only that but when she turns wolf there is unpredictable feral side that I couldn’t risk near them. She is the one who wouldn’t listen or acknowledge my position as beta so it was dangerous for them. You’ve been in a proper pack before, you know how the safety of a pup is connected to the pack members respecting the hierarchy. I also wanted my children to have a proper house…with a backyard, not a steel boat with violence and smelling of blood. My brother once said that there would be no pack without me…but yet…it hurt not having him back me up for the twin’s safety or even think of getting a pack home to separate work from home life.”

Nadya was surprised, after everything, that she could look back on it without her chest aching now. She shook her head at the thought and refocused back on Malia with a dip of her head in acknowledgement. “Yes, just be careful. Some guys just want to have sex with you then leave you. They’ll trick you into thinking they care about you when they really don’t. You want to wait to have sex with them until you’re sure they’re in it for a relationship. Frost and I knew each other since I was pregnant and didn’t have sex until after I joined the pack. He waited…we waited.” As long as Malia followed that one rule then Nadya was sure the little coyote would be ok.

Another chort of a chuckle vibrated her chest as Malia’s exclamation. “Well…every guy is different…but you put it on after it grows, right before it goes in you. Learn from me though, nothing is fool proof, the before pill can fail, the condoms can fail, and the after pill can fail, even when he pulls out before…the wet stuff, he may not be quick enough. You accept that responsibility, that possibility of getting pregnant.” Nadya didn’t exactly want to scare Malia but it was best to instill a bit of precaution in her.

The young woman gently prodded about Malia’s interest. There were no other males in their pack so she was genuinely curious about it. As they drew close to the house, Malia explained how they had met and hung out. There was not much pause between that and Malia admitting her crush was Nadya’s own brother. There was a slight tenseness that overcame the panther at that information. The remainder of the walk to the house was met with silence.

At the door Nadya shifted into her human form, found her spare set of clothes that each member kept there, and stepped inside towards the kitchen. Only once the pair had made it into the kitchen did Nadya speak once more. “That’s a dangerous crush to have.” There was no anger or raise in her tone but more worry. Her brother would know that Malia was part of Frost’s pack which begged the question on if it was simply a way to get back at Frost for taking his sister…simply steal his other members away. Nadya switched the bag of meat into the fridge to pulling out a covered plate of half a ham sandwich. “Here.” She pushed the plate across the island towards her pack member. “My brother can be a good friend but he’s…not the relationship type.” Although another cross-pack relationship could spark another fight, Nadya’s main concern was compatibility. He could break hearts as quick as he stole them.

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