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Nadya started to explain why her children couldn't be on the Ark and Malia's ears twitched. Mate? Wolf? "I met a WereWolf in the woods once. She said I reminded her of her mate. That was back when I was in denial about being a Were. Do you think that was her?" Malia was curious since she hadn't seen the wolf since that first encounter in the woods. Malia nodded in understanding as Nadya said she should know that keeping the pups safe was paramount and that the pack heirarchy needed to be respected. "She should have challenged you or stepped down. Maybe you needed to beat her in a fight, just to enforce the respect. I had to do that sometimes in my former pack." She said with a light shrug. She always held her punches, so to speak, so she never seriously injured any of the other coyotes but every once in a while, one of the females would get it in their head to challenge her position at Caesar's side so she would promptly put them in their place. She never usually had a problem after that.

Malia was confused when Nadya said there was a boat and it smelled like blood and violence. What didn't she know about Tetradore? "Blood? Violence? Is there a lot of fights in his pack?" She could understand what Nadya was talking about though. She nodded. "Your children's safety comes first. I get it. He should have supported you." He would have some answering to do the next time she saw him. Malia tended to get protective over her friends. Nadya cautioned her about guys, saying they would pretend they want to get to know her then have sex with her and leave. She scowled. "Well, that's rude. Good thing I'll only do it with guys I trust then. Like Henry. He's a good guy. He loves someone else, but that's okay." She smiled. "I want him to be happy. I'm just glad he could show me what I was missing." Malia nodded in understanding when Nadya said that her and Frost had waited to do anything. Then she busted out laughing and snorting. "I'm sorry. I just...I got a picture of a horse and a panther when you said that trying to...well, you know. I don't know. I'm sorry. It just happened. I'm grateful that you're talking to me about this. I'm sorry." She stifled her laughter and pretended to zip her lips. Nadya was trying to be serious with her and she as laughing at their relationship. She didn't mean to be rude. It just popped in her head.

Nadya laughed when she mentioned the man's part growing and she said everyone's different. Malia almost felt sorry for the other men then cause she was very satisfied with what Henry had. Oh well. But Nadya said that anything could fail. Malia scowled. "So what if I do all three? Think that would be pretty much a guarantee that I won't?" She figured she might as well ask. She just knew she didn't want to get pregnant, at least not anytime soon. Nadya started asking about who Malia was interested in and she knew it would cause tension when she found out but she couldn't very well just budge into Nadya's personal life then offer nothing in return. So she finally just put it out there, admitting her crush and then watching for Nadya's reaction. There was loaded silence after and Malia grew shifty and impatient. Was she going to say anything? When Nadya suddenly shifted at the house, Malia sighed before shifting herself. She grabbed for her backpack in the laundry room, grabbing out some clothes to slip into since she figured it would make Nadya more comfortable. She could care less about nudity.

At Nadya's sudden words, her glance snapped back to her. "Dangerous? How? Nothing will probably come of it. He knows that I'm in Frost's pack. Plus he's an alpha. He probably just thinks of me like a friend, if even that." She shrugged it off. Sure, they had some adventures in the wild before she shifted for the first time. He saved her from a bear and she showed him her secret cave. Then she met him in that bar and he was able to introduce her to the human world. She got to try alcohol and get him to show her something he enjoyed, something besides being an alpha. It was nice. He was relaxed and laughing. He smiled a few times. He needed to do that more. Nadya pulled out a sandwich and even as Malia's mouth started salivating again, she pushed it to her. Malia took the plate and hungrily bit into the sandwich, not wasting any time. "Thank you." She muffled between bites. She tilted her head, listening eve while eating as Nadya explained that Tetradore was a good friend but not good with relationships. She swallowed the food she had in her mouth.

"Like is he unfaithful or something? Is he one of those that just sleeps with you and then leaves you?" She was curious now that it was all out in the open. Maybe Nadya could give her some clues on Tetradore, something she didn't know since apparently there was a lot she didn't know. Of course it's not like they sat there and grilled each other about details.


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