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Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

“Unfortunately nothing in that pack was ever that simple.” Nadya shook her head and that was that regarding the difficult and strained relationships of her previous pack. “The Ark which is where all Nightshade have to live is a fight ring. Weres go there to bet on each other and fight in their animal form. Not a child friendly place to live. I was criticized about having the burlesque in comparison, but unlike the Ark, the burlesque was a place of work, not business, and they were infants kept in the office away from it. I’ve sold it since then because they’ve grown and want them to be able to join me to my work place. Now I’m starting up a dance studio to teach children.” And that was the difference that separated them, being able to grow and change to provide a better life for the twins.

Nadya couldn’t help but give a side-long glance to the coyote at her odd train of thought considering the habits of her and Frost. “It’s been recommended by doctors to take a daily pill and use condoms as well.” At least if there was a risk of pregnancy. “If they are human or the same species as you then definitely take as much precaution as you can. I love my children and wouldn’t give them up for the world but it doesn’t take a genius to know that life would be much easier if I hadn’t gotten pregnant.” The stress of being a young mother and the situation she had been in was one she wouldn’t have wished on her fellow pack member.

The silence that befell them in the wake of the information allowed Nadya to think on how best she could approach the subject she had been met with. To love outside of the pack was one thing but to love a rival pack member was playing with fire. All she could do finally once in the kitchen and seeing to it that Malia had something to eat, was to warn her. “Frost and Tet have fought many times before and my brother holds a deep grudge against Frost for liking me. Not only that but they fought once and then Tet disappeared, everyone thought he was dead…the pack bond had been severed and it felt like he had died. Obviously he’s here and he won’t talk about it so no one really knows but that just adds to it.”

Nadya sighed as she settled onto one of the bar stools across from Malia with a bag of chips on the countertop in front of her. “And that one, Henry, my brother created him which means they’re practically brother’s or even closer to father and son. That part of creation I’m not sure on but their bond is family. Having sex with brothers, father son, whatever it is… is frowned upon.” She nibbled on a chip. “My brother had a very difficult childhood which is why he has that shell but because of that childhood….he can’t connect with others…not in the way you would want for a relationship. He had a girlfriend before, my best friend, he can laugh and have fun but he couldn’t offer her the emotional connection because of his past. I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t want to…but that he can’t. Unfortunately, it’s not something you can teach. He tossed me and the twins out of his life without even a backwards glance. He was supposed to be my brother but even before the twins had no probably shunning me or blaming me. My adoptive pack had more care and help towards me than even my own brother if I came across trouble.”

“Look, I guess my point is to just ..again, be careful. Because of what has happened between the Nightshades and Chimera I can’t help but question why Tet would knowingly associate with Chimera. I took a contract for truce between the two packs and he refused it, told me to leave, so yes, I’m wary of what you’re telling me.” The last thing she wanted was for a war to break out. Why couldn’t she just have a stable and happy life to give her twins?

Nadya Tetradore


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