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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

It had been easy to fall asleep the night before, and despite the vast amount of wine that she had consumed with that extravagant birthday dinner that the fae man has treated her to, she was thankful that she hadn't been so out of sorts that she couldn't remember how it had all ended. While her memory of the dinner was perhaps a little hazy, the words spoken towards the end of their meal seeming to escape her memory though she supposed that she should have expected as much, what she did very clearly remember was how he'd taken her into his arms then when the limo had returned them Riverdale. She could remember the cold of the night that nipped at his skin and yet she'd been pressed gently into that chiseled chest and how warm it had been there against him. She'd nearly fallen asleep entirely in his arms as he carried her up the stairwell and towards her apartment. She could remember how there'd been a tender smile upon her lips through the hiccups that shook her every now and then. Something she knew she would not soon forget was the sound of his heartbeat. The steady thump in her ear then had been something that seemed to make her own heart beat almost in time with it. She had wondered in that moment then what each beat of his heart whispered of, what words it might say if it were a song and how it made her own want to call out to it in turn. The young woman had curled contentedly into him, found herself wanting to stay there against him all night just so that she could listen to that symphony with hope that if she listened closely enough it would tell her if the fae man thought of her as she did him even in halfway consciousness. Thick lashes were closed over baby blues when she'd heard the creaking of her apartment door opening and he'd carried her over that small threshold and into the dark confines of her bedroom. So thankful for the tiredness that crept over her slowly, keeping those precarious thoughts away, she'd felt him lower her into the bed and gently wrap the covers around her slender frame. Shifting slightly at the familiar embrace of those sheets, the young woman had stirred only a little when he'd done something she hadn't expected. His lips had pressed tenderly against the skin of her forehead in that moment as he whispered so softly to her in the dark."Good night, Lani". An affectionate smile had danced across blush-colored lips then as slowly his face was swallowed by pitch black as sleep enveloped her.

While sleep had come quickly and effortlessly for the blue-eyed blonde woman, those memories of that night flickering across her sleeping thoughts only to awaken those fantasies where he would have slipped into the bed beside her and wrapped that strong arm of his around her waist as they would fall asleep with their bodies pressed against the other, of a world where he would have run those fingers through elegantly curled locks accented with milk chocolate undertones as he would whisper gentle words her heart so desperately wanted to hear, sleep hadn't remained with her until the sun rose over those distant skyscrapers. Those eyes had fluttered open when a particularly passionate moment had dared to rise from the darkest depths of those feelings she was almost entirely certain were not returned, and they had opened to the darkness of her room. The smell of him still lingered around her and almost in a confused daze, she slowly blinks away the sleep as baby blues searched the shadows to find that he was very much gone. He had no reason to linger, after all. Why would he have when she was safe and sound, not hanging so dangerously close to the edge of life and death where she could have easily teetered beyond the point of ever waking up again. He'd been the last thing she'd seen that night and the very first thing weak baby blues had seen the following morning in Somnia, tucked warmly in those sheets of his bed as the crackling of the fireplace filled the silence. He'd stayed with her that night she'd almost died, unable to forget how utterly drained he'd looked then. Would he have done that for anyone? If I didn't mean anything to him, why would he have saved me and taken me to his home in Somnia?... He is kind, Lani. Surely he would have done the same for any of his friends if they'd been in danger... That voice always had a way of challenging those feelings that wanted to convince the young woman that somehow, he cared for her more than she thought and yet that voice of reason and doubt would always subdue those possibilities, told her that it had been nothing beyond an act of kindness and that she really needed to stop thinking it could ever have been more than that. Tossing and turning then in those sheets of her bed, she'd tried to find sleep again but those thoughts had become so loud and so very awake in those moments as they aways did when she was alone and her mind was unable to push the fae man away that she had been unsuccessful. Even when the tortoiseshell feline had felt her restlessness and curled up against Beylani's back, the young woman was unable to drift away once more. Unsure of how long she's laid there awake as that internal war between what she wanted to think and what was likely reality raged on like a summer storm, she'd given up in the end.

Rising from those warm covers she wanted to sink back into, she reaches over to her nightstand, slender fingers grasping for the slick body of that smartphone she was certain sat there charging - or at least that's where she last remembered it being sat. Relief washes over her when her hand finds it and she pulls it to her face, clicking on the locked screen. The bright light has her squinting back for a moment until finally her eyes adjust enough to where she can reach the time. 4:23am!? She groans softly to herself while throwing those slender legs over the side of her bed and removes herself from the bed, stumbling sleepily out of the bedroom and over to the other side of her apartment, disappearing into the bathroom. How she wished she was still asleep... Suddenly, baby blue eyes fly open when she remembers that Andras would be taking her to Somnia today, almost entirely forgetting the sleepiness as she splashes her face lightly with cool water from the sink. There would definitely be no sleep to be had now, but that was alright. Leaving the bathroom after having used the facilities and flushing the toilet, she finds the light switch and flicks on the living room light. Walking through the living room and into the kitchen, she begins rummaging through her cupboards for the coffee filters and ground beans, preparing the small coffee pot as was her normal routine shortly after waking up. She was going to need it if she wanted to enjoy a full day with the fae man running through the snow of his home, though she had a sneaking suspicion that the thrill and excitement would probably equal about five cups of strong coffee and she might not even want to sleep tomorrow night. An amused and excited smile dances across her lips then as she clicks on the coffee pot and disappears back into her room only to reappear in the living area with those knitting materials in hand. She had six hours before Andras said he would be picking her up to steal her away to that lodge, so she was confident that she would be able to finish his Christmas gift by then. There was still a few weeks before Christmas, but she almost couldn't stand the idea of waiting until then. She settles herself on the futon and begins working ever so carefully on that dark blue and green plaid scarf, Chika leaping up onto the seat beside her to watch the peculiar behaviors of her human companion with half-closed jade eyes, wrapping that mottled fluffy tail elegantly over her forepaws. A few moments pass as Beylani works on the scarf, only pausing when she heard the gargling of the coffee pot as it announced the freshly brewed deliciousness to be finished. Placing the nearly completed scarf on the coffee table in front of the futon, she moves over to the kitchen and retrieves a navy blue ceramic coffee mug from one of the cupboards and pours herself a cup, mixing it with sugar and cream before returning to her place on the futon and after that first amazing sip, she sets the mug down and again resumes her task.

Diligently working on that gift she hoped he would like, she only looks up to see the first light of morning only just beginning to leak through those cheap apartment blinds and thin white linen curtains. She glances up to the clock hanging on the wall above the small dining room table to find that it was now 8:30am. Her second cup of coffee has long since been finished and at this point she was nearly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as she became increasingly excited. It wouldn't be much longer now before she would be back in that world she found herself ever eager to return to despite the young woman so clearly not belonging there herself. She just loved everything about it, loved the white snow and that almost fairytale setting as she remembers clearly the small village that was tucked between the rolling hills. She was ready to explore those streets, excited to think of meeting the natives that were surely all fae. Just like Andras... She only works a little longer on that careful knitting until at last, after a few days of working on it, she finishes. Setting down the leftover wool and those elongated needles, she admires her work to find that she was actually very happy with how it turned out."Maybe I should take this up as a regular hobby. What do you think Chika? Think he'll like it?", she asks the purring cat that currently laid there on the spot beside Beylani, contentedly grooming herself only to pause briefly, giving the young woman a fleeting glance before returning to that tongue bath. Beylani laughs lightly to herself then and carries the scarf into the bedroom once more, where she finds the small green box already prepared with gift paper. Tucking the scarf into the depths of that paper, she then replaces the lid and seals it closed with ruby red ribbon and finishes her wrapping with a bow on top. She wasn't sure if Andras would be receiving any gifts from anyone else, but she wanted hers to be the first he received before the Winter Solstice Festival.

Carrying the wrapped gift into the dining area and setting it on the table so that Chika didn't decide to make a game with that precise bow Beylani had tied, the blue-eyed blonde shuffles over to the bathroom and turns on the shower. She still had more than enough time before Andras said he would arrive, so she doesn't hurry with her shower and getting dressed into the jeans and white long-sleeved v-neck shirt she'd chosen from her wardrobe. Styling her hair in the usual loose curls, she leaves the bathroom and walks into the living room where she picks up her phone. Selecting Elain from her contacts, she creates a new text message. Going to the lodge with Andras today. If you could feed Chika tonight and tomorrow, I would really appreciate it! You know where the key is. She isn't surprised when she almost instantly received a reply from the bright younger woman who was probably on her way to one of her English classes. Leave it to me! Try not to have too much fun ;). Beylani knew exactly what that winky face was for but decided to just reply with a brief "Thank you ♡" before completely her outfit with a relatively warm cream-colored cardigan and matching scarf, slipping into matching uggs. She was ready! Glancing back up the clock and noticing that the time was only 10:37am, she shrugs lightly. I'll just wait for him outside so Chika doesn't get upset, she thinks to herself as she moves into kitchen yet again and, finding the container with the feline's kibble, places a rounded scoop's worth in the dish on the pawprint placemat before returning the container back to its place. Ensuring she had her phone and wallet tucked safely in her pockets, she grabs the festively dressed gift from the table and steps out of her apartment into the crisp morning air. Locking the door behind her, she walks towards the stairwell and begins her descent, baby blue eyes glittering with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. She hadn't quite figured out what sort of things the fae man liked, almost nervous that he wouldn't like the scarf she'd made for him, but she does her best to push those thoughts away from her mind as she reaches the bottom of the stairs and steps out onto the pavement, leaning against her plain white four door sedan where she waits for Andras, allowing her thoughts to drift with eagerness to what they might do once they arrived in that world away from Sacrosanct. As long as she was with him for part of it, remembering then how he'd told her he has business to attend to, she would be utterly happy.

Beylani Rose~
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