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death incarnate & night triumphant

The Fae Monarch had hardly slept last night, his thoughts entirely captivated by the young woman he and winded and dined the evening before. It was incredibly difficult to leave the woman in her bed alone, how he desired to sleep next to her, to merely grasp her and pull him to his chest while he sleep the night away. Even the kiss he so planted on her forehead and sent such a desire of want roaring through him. Lani truly was going to be the death of him. He had centuries to hone his skill of patience and control and yet, she managed to strip nearly all of it away, as if he were no more than an adolescent. It was aggravating and exciting; merely aggravating because Ida would cast him such knowing looks, as if she could see such a bond between them. It was absurd; impossible to be bonded to a human; there were no stories he had ever heard of a human being mated to a faerie; they did not possess the predatory instincts that a Fae did.

So, the man merely chalks it up to coincidence, decides its merely a desire to want her because he knew he couldn’t have her. Dressed in his usual meticulous attire, he slings a heavier coat over his shoulders, noting he would not be flying much today, merely stuck inside for the day. He had met with many of the shopkeepers for the morning, going over taxes and trading and it had taken longer than expected, nor did he finish as he had hoped. Irritated that he would have to be stuck inside with some of the more stiff and stern shopkeepers of Somnia, he releases a sigh before he pushes his way out of the townhouse and makes his way to Lani’s, finding that his walk to her apartment was not long. He perhaps was walking a bit more quickly, the man merely telling himself he was going to be late, refusing to admit to himself that he was excited to see the human woman. Rounding the last block, he’s prepared to make his way to her apartment door and yet, she was already outside, bag in hand as if she were just as eager to see him as he was her.

A lazy smile so adorns his lips as he casually saunters over to her, his head dipping in a greeting, “My, don’t you look chipper this morning,” he states before taking her bag. “Apologies, I don’t mean to rush our walk but my business is taking a touch longer than I expected. As much as I would like to dally on our walk to my townhouse, we need to be quick,” he explains quickly before grabbing her hand and dragging her along beside him. Slinging her bag over his shoulder, he grins down at her, his calloused hand engulfing her much smaller one, “For being drunk last night, you don’t look hungover,” he teases, noting the flush that so adorns her cheeks from the cold. “Also, we are going to need to get you into something far warmer than what you’re wearing,” he laughs as he eyes her unpractical clothing attire for the winter world they were about to enter.

It doesn’t take long before they reach the townhouse, Andras carefully leading her through it. He had given her a tour the last time they had used the portal and Lani had done surprisingly well with it. She hadn’t hurled as he had expected her to, perhaps a bit disoriented, but overall the woman had done spectacular. Pushing open the door to the garage, he releases her hand carefully before he shifts that object on the shelf, the portal of swirling black opening. “I know, it always looks a little scary. Why it looks like a massive black hole is beyond me,” he shrugs before returning to her, grasping her hand and leading her towards the portal. Stepping through it, shadow and wind engulfs them, that pressure on their bones as if it would break them, and then they are through. The brilliant sun dancing on the snow almost blinding at first as they appear on that brick pathway.

Gripping Lani’s hand a touch tighter, he glances down at her, hazel eyes searching for any discomfort, “Are you okay?” he asks, genuine concern etched into his features as he inspects her. Waiting for her to get her bearings, he quickly leads her to the main door, entering as the warm air engulfs them. Releasing his her hand, Andras finds Ida standing before them, that gentle and motherly smile so plastered on her lips as she rushes forward and engulfs Lani in a hug, ”Oh dearie, it’s so lovely to see you again!” she explains excitedly, looping her arm with Lani and retrieving the bag from Andras. As Ida fusses over the human woman, the faerie glances at the two, a small smile plastered on his lips, “Forgive me, Lani darling, I still have business to attend to. I promised you a tour of the Winter Solstice but unfortunately I won’t be able to give it to you until tomorrow,” he apologizes, stripping the coat from his broad shoulders and hanging it on a nearby peg.

“Ida, will you take care of our guest for the time being?” he inquires as Ida gives him a patronizing look, ”Andras, do you truly have to ask me such a thing?” she states a bit disdainfully, sniffing at him before leading Lani away. Andras laughs darkly, just as he takes an opposite route of the two women, nodding his head towards Lani, “I’ll see you soon,” he calls over his shoulder before disappearing around a corner and towards his council room. Ida pats Lani on the arm as she leads the woman into the living area, that motherly smile still dancing upon her lips, ”I don’t know why there are lights and a decorated tree here, Andras mentioned that you humans have a holiday you celebrate around this time of year? Christmas or something like that,” she states showing Lani the gloriously decorated room. Garlands are weaved around the wooden beams, a massive tree towers over the room whilst beautifully decorated. ”Oh, he did it all himself, he wouldn’t allow me to help,” she sniffs again, disappointed.

”When he asked a worker to bring in a tree they were all rather surprised,” she laughs delightfully as she brings Lani up those flight of stairs and down that familiar hallway. Opening the door that Andras had once slept in while she had been here last, she moves to the bed and sets her bag on, her perceptive eyes taking in the present that is so wrapped. ”What’s that, dearie?” she asks nosily before her eyes move back up to Lani, ”Oh, I figured since you will be staying here properly this time, this is your room, you may do as you wish with it.”

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