you left me crawling on my bedroom floor {MISS DUPONT} On December 06, 2017 at 10:00 AM by James King

despite the weather it gets better, you won't do this alone

What an absurd little city Sacrosanct was. It was just awful with how many little nasty creatures swarmed the city. There were multiple packs, covens, monarchs; it would not just do for Mr. King. How he despised that anyone besides a Dark Hunter holding power anywhere in the world; he would need to rectify this problem immediately. Those blue eyes of his stare without seeing into the flames that so crackle within that fireplace, his leg crossed over the other as he holds a glass of brandy within that hand. He hardly touches that liquid as that devious mind of his is entirely wrapped up in recent memories of their trip here. Traveling across the world with Miss Dupont had been far more tedious than he had expected. They had to travel at night considering Miss Dupont’s issue. As much as he would’ve have liked to dump the woman somewhere else, it was clear after several years that he physically could not leave her.

It was something that James absolutely despised. Being bonded to such a filthy creature made him feel dirty himself, so he kept her as merely a pet, doing his bidding as necessary. If he were anyone else that didn’t have such a superior personality he might have admitted they made a great team, wreaking havoc everywhere they went. Alas, James merely viewed her as his property. It takes a moment to draw his mind to the present, the crackling of the fireplace once more filling his ears, that normal boyish persona he adorned whilst out in public, entirely absent within his own home. That sun was beginning to set and he could hear the stirring of Miss Dupont in her room above him, those heightened senses so narrowing onto the gasp of breath she takes as her body comes back to life.

It was disturbing that the undead were practically dead while they slept. James was never uncomfortable around her, he merely thought it unnatural, creatures like her should not exist within this world. Lifting that liquid to his lips, he finishes it off, not tasting the exquisite brandy he so drank, the bottle so entirely expensive, perhaps the hunter should have enjoyed it more. Merely shrugging away the thought, he places the empty glass on the table beside him, pushing himself to a standing position just as he hears his little pet descend the stairwell. Turning those eyes of his to the woman, a touch of insanity so adorning the edges of his vision, he gives her that smile that does not touch his eyes. “Good morning, Miss Dupont,” he responds casually as the tall woman comes into his view.

Those mannerisms are faked, he was merely a gentleman in such a feigning notion that it had become a sadistic game between the two of them. “I hope you slept well,” he states, his nose crinkling in disdain as he eyes her carefully. They had spent many a year together and his tolerance for the woman had only grown over the last century or so. Before he could hardly stand the sight of her and now, now they were a carefully crafted team. James would merely induce his fear ability on supernatural creatures and Miss Dupont here would feed from them. It was such a joyous moment for him, the death of another little animal, the world being cleansed one at a time. Unfortunately for him, those little ants could reproduce just as fast as he could kill.

James King
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