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It felt like it had taken forever for him to fall asleep that night. His head was too full of thoughts of her and her interesting back story. Who comes here from a place like Paris? And wants to stay? He could understand not wanting to be married off to the richest snobbiest guy her dad could find but there had to be a reason she had come to Sacrosanct of all places. And run into him of all people. Not that he believed in fate or anything so corny as that. He just felt that he needed to make it worth for her to stay. He had only just met her and already he didn't want to think of her leaving. He was sure it had something to do with her being the first friendly face he met here but there was definitely something more than that. He hadn't felt this light headed over meeting a girl since...well, we won't go there. Then there was the mystery that was Townsend, her live-in bodyguard/butler/confidante/whatever the heck else he was to her. He wasn't all that old like you would picture as butlers for most rich girls and there was definitely more than just a business relationship between the two. She trusted him. There had to be a story there. And the dogs. He was determined to make Rose like him, no matter if she wanted to or not. Reginald seemed fairly easy to get to like him and he was overjoyed with the male's company but he couldn't be satisfied until Rose trusted him as well. It was a challenge and he never turned those away.

He had spent half the night trying to figure out the new alarm clock he'd picked up at the store and then another half hour trying to figure out how to set it for six o'clock to make sure he had plenty of time to get ready and look presentable before the first day on the job. Maybe it had something to do with throwing away the directions without looking at them but who needs those, really? He could figure it out. By the time he finally dozed off, it felt like no time at all before the alarm was going off. He groaned and turned over, hoping he had set it wrong and there was still a few hours of sleep left to go. But alas, luck wasn't on his side and sure enough, it read six o'clock on the dot. He thought about just hitting snooze and seeing how much more sleep he could get but then he thought about seeing Adelaide and the dogs again..and more importantly, Townsend's disapproving face trying to think of ways to punish him for being late, and it was enough to make him sit up and roll sleepily out of bed. He took a good long shower, gave himself a good shave and tapped on the after shave. After throwing on some good deodorant, he threw on some faded jeans that hung off his hips and a gray sleeveless tshirt. He figured if he was going to be working outside, he might as well be comfortable. He threw a hair tie on his wrist just in case cause sometimes he pulled his hair back out of his face, running a brush through his hair and parting it before he grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

By the time he was pulling up in front of her house, he checked his phone. Six fifty, five. Not bad, not bad at all. He gave himself a mental pat on the back as he walked up to the door and gently knocked before he realized there was a door bell. Clearing his throat, he hit the button, slipping his hands in his pockets as he waited to see who was going to answer. He almost expected it to be Townsend. It would make sense that he always answers the door, right? Yet he couldn't help hoping that for this once, Adelaide would be the bright friendly face to greet him. He shuffled his feet, exhaling as he readied himself for the day ahead and looked up as the door started to open.


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