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Dorian had not anticipated, truly, that the mention of Raven might prompt any sort of recognition in his newfound companion, much less so that declaration that Raven had not known what a balloon was until that very party had occured. Really, Dorian did find it surprising that a modern woman, who had spent a great deal off her life in the modern world, as opposed to himself, knew nothing of balloons. Still, he supposed, there was every chance Raven could feel as Sebastian did over those colourful decorations and hardly took any pleasure in them even if Dorian had spent well over an hour attempting to understand how they floated as they did. Sebastian’s attempts to explain that helium gas largely met with either a blank stare or only further questions until even the vampires knowledge of chemistry had exhausted itself and he had promised the Fae a book on the matter. Dorian’s admittance that, while he knew of balloons, they too were a relatively new finding for himself only seemed to further baffle the girl opposite him. Abigail staring towards him as if he had committed a true atrocity in that failing knowledge! The woman halting his next words only to query him further on parties and balloons in a manner of sheer disbelief. Dorian allowing that simper to grace his lips as that chuckle rose within his throat.

“Darling, I was born in about fourteen fifty six. We did not have balloons in that time and I fear I have spent a great deal of time, to much time, in my Palace. I did not leave it until a few years ago. I did not really have anyone to throw me a party with balloons until then, so that was when I learned about them. Although, would you care to know a terribly great secret?”

If Arlo and Sebastian could have their hushed conversation then Dorian was quite assured Abigail and himself were entitled to much the same, that near impish grin touching his lips once more as he ushered the girl forward slightly before dropping his own voice to that conspiratory whisper.

“Do you know why Sebastian does not throw me a birthday party with a great many balloons? Vampires are afraid of balloons. Bastian says he finds them largely trivial and a waste but I saw him leap a mile into the air when Matteo, that’s my Father, burst one near him during New Year’s celebrations. I suspect most vampires share this fear. You must ask Arlo one day.”

Matteo had sworn such a thing was unintentional and yet Dorian knew the other Fae well enough to know when he played a game, even a harmless one. Dorian allowing that warm grin to remain upon his features all the same as he lent away from the red-haired woman now to settle more comfortably within his seat once more. That conversation shifted easily, naturally really, to that mention of Arlo and Abby herself and just how they had met. The Monarch rather sure in all his time he had never yet met a woman whom had met a man by chasing an apple and yet what a tale with was! Abigail seeming almost displeased at the notion she had lost that unfortunate apple all the same before her query of where he and Sebastian had met in turn saw the man provide her that far tamer answer then the truth fully portrayed. Really he was quite sure the full version of his and Sebastian’s first meeting was not for the ears of a Lady. One whom seemed to be very much enjoying her wine. He truly was going to have to watch her. That sudden mention of Sebastian’s ‘charm’ voiced in such a way that only further prompted Dorian to assure himself off her innocence in a great many things, easily brought that chuckle from his lips again as his own head bobbed. Dorian readily agreeing with that sentiment. After all, he knew exactly how charming his lover could be when he chose it. Arlo too so apparently having witnessed Bastian’s efforts.

It was that very consideration of the pair of vampires that perhaps prompted the Fae King’s simple comment on their near unlikely friendship. Sebastian so having alluded to the idea, several times, that most vampires did not enjoy spending time with one another- unless they were a mated pair. Vampires, as a species, prone to territorial rows, a certain possessiveness of food and a natural mistrust of one another- or so Dorian had been led to believe. The Monarch, in his ever-observant fashion, readily assured that it was largely Arlo’s lack of interest in anything Sebastian might desire eat in turn that further facilitated the pair’s natural inclination to one another all the same. In the very least it surely helped. Then again, Dorian had well noticed another curious facet of that pair, one he suspected even they may not have been aware of- at least not consciously. His own gaze shifting briefly to his lover and Arlo in turn as Sebastian spoke softly to him and Arlo learned eagerly closer. Arlo may well have been the very apex of that metaphorical food chain and yet- he was not the dominant vampire here. Arlo, by nature or instinct, simply more inclined to follow, a trait well suited to Sebastian’s more forward nature. Though whether either of the men were fully aware of those roles of follower and leader they had taken up he hardly knew. Dorian readily considering Arlo’s possessiveness over Sebastian before that sudden declaration that Sebastian’s blood tasted like chocolate while others tasted like vegetables saw that near baffled look find his features.

He had never once considered what Sebastian’s blood might taste like. The Monarch having tasted his own countless on Sebastian’s lips and yet he had never thought that a vampires might taste any different. Perhaps it only tasted as such for other vampires? He must surely ask Sebastian of this later tonight. His own head shook lightly then, replacing those curious ideas with more pressing thoughts and the nature of Arlo and Abigail’s relationship. That singular question seeing that near furious blush find the girls features before she blundered on about that other boy she had once dated or not dated for a day and that she and Arlo surely were not courting. Dorian wholly content to allow his shoulders to shrug before offering the idle assurance that surely Arlo was handsome enough to date and, more so, he had a very nice behind.That soft assessment seeming to be the catalyst for that reaction then. Sebastian’s name all but shouted across the table, the vampire sure to have heard it, as Dorian merely chuckled. That promise to keep his eyes on his fiance firmly made and yet he had surely given the woman that very answer to what she wanted from that relationship- even if she hadn’t known it. That ‘maybe’ he was rewarded with, along with that suspicious look only further amusing him.

The Monarch content to rescue the girl from her own nerves with that query of a performance for Arlo to instigate. Sebastian quick to offer his support of that ‘gig’ as they called it. Dorian readily catching on to his lovers efforts to bolster the merits of an acceptance for that very thing. The Fae King adding his own. Sebastian even seeming assured he knew a singer they might be able to use as Dorian’s own head nodded in agreement to that glance he was afforded.

“If she would be willing to lend her voice to even a few songs I think it would be quite pleasant.”

He paused then at that query of the legalities of the musical world, this an area he knew distinctly little about, his silver gaze resting on Sebastian as he sipped at his own mind. The vampire seeming decidedly...well informed on the topic. He knew well of what Sebastian had once been and yet to hear the man speak so fluently and confidently of those legal things was rather intriguing. Those native Italian words parting his lips then, offered to Sebastian alone.

“Il tuo piuttosto quando hai visto tutte quelle parole legali - penso solo che dovresti saperlo.”
(Your rather sexy when you say all those legal words- I just think you should know.)

That impish grin found him once more. Dorian’s attention returned to Arlo then as the vampire took up that offer of playing for their wedding, the Monarch content to do just as he said and pay for the pair to stay anywhere they might like within Italy itself. Arlo suggesting Abby should surely choose. Dorian turned to look towards her almost expectantly then. The sudden announcement that she wished to stay at the palace itself seeing that genuine surprise find him. Although, really, he saw very little reason why they could not. The Monarch glancing briefly toward Sebastian once more to afford the man any chance to offer some objection for any reason before his own head simply nodded. That simper finding his lips.

“Thank you, Arlo, for agreeing, we very much appreciate it and I will make sure a list of songs reaches you in the next day or so. As for staying at the palace I do not see why you can’t. We should be glad to host you. I shall have the southern wing made up for you both and attended too before your arrival. Abby, merely let me know a few days before whether or not you are sharing a bedroom so I can make proper arrangements.”

How entirely cheeky he could be when he choose! The Monarch saying little more on the matter all the same as that dinner was placed before them. Arlo eyeing that lasagna with more interest then he was sure he had ever seen a vampire look at anything. The mention of that bachelor party seeing his head tilt slightly. The phrase decidedly unfamiliar to the man, his attention turned to Arlo and Sebastian as that dinner was served.

“I fear I am not quite certain as to what that is, I don’t think we have arranged any sort of party, have we?”

Dorian Aragona


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