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Truthfully, Sebastian hadn't considered how they intended to incorporate a single guitar solo into that reception. The couple had left the details of the entertainment largely to the wedding coordinator, once they had started to pour over that list of songs they had been provided. It was a task that quite near was taking hours if not for the sheer amount of musical pieces. Even so, Dorian had taken an interest in seeing Arlo play and he knew exactly how to entice the man to say yes. The Englishman was assured it would hardly take much coaxing to convince Arlo to perform for them, after all, the man had expressed an interest in starting a band and playing professionally all over again. That desire, combined with the knowledge that a venue such as their own wedding was sure to draw jealousy from musical bands around the world was certainly enough to tempt the musician, of that he was sure. He could hardly help that small grin upon his features as he watched Arlo's resolve crumble, even despite that almost weary glimpse he provided them. That suggestion to expand that musical act with a singer, however, was one he could readily jump onto, the vampire even, perhaps, considered joining that little makeshift band for a singular song, provided it was the right one. Still, maybe he shouldn't offer such a suggestion before speaking of it with the Monarch first. For now, however, he knew the perfect individual to too coax into that spotlight. It would be a 'coming back' sort of performance for them both.

That inquiry as to whom she was, however, caused him to shake his head ever so slightly. "I doubt it, she was a lead singer in an Asian all-girl band. From what I gather, her band asked her to leave because they found rehearsing only at night to be….inconvenient." He had hardly pushed the topic any further from the Asian girl, the mere mention of it alone in the first place had almost made the poor dear look as if she was going to cry from the memory of it. It had been nearly heart wrenching enough that Sebastian had made every effort to ensure she'd forgotten entirely that he had asked by the time he left that last coven gathering he had attended. He was, however, certain in his ability to use that very charm Dorian had spoken of earlier to convince her to join that little show, even if this too meant including more of his own kind. At the very least, she was hardly a threat to Dorian's court nor his own claim upon the palace as a territory of sorts. Dorian's own agreement that including her might be lovely caused his own head to bob in agreement. What he didn't expect, however, was for that very mention of Arlo's previous band to coax within the man a sudden inquiry on far more legal matters, such as regaining the rights of his songs and the monetary compensation that went along with that. It was a difficult matter to speak of, considering how very little he knew of Arlo's arrangement and yet, was he not trained in this very thing? To speculate upon those legal matters as a scholar so would?

He could tell by a singular glance at Arlo that he had quite near overwhelmed the vampire with that information. That widened look to his eyes caused the man to cut his explanation off short with but a small shrug. He was hardly surprised by those many inquiries that fell from Arlo's lips, the vampire almost unable to help that sigh he provided his companion. "No, I am not a Copyright Attorney. Yes, an attorney is a lawyer. I was a Barrister…..though I suppose in modern terms you would merely call me a General Practice Attorney." The law had changed drastically since his own days, even within his own country. Things were so different now and though he kept some vague awareness of those changes, he was hardly quiet on the top of his game as he once had been. Thankfully, such was apparently hardly necessary to coax the affections of his lover, those Italian words altogether produced a grin upon his features. He could hardly help that chuckle on his lips as his blue eyes briefly met the silver hue of his fiance's. "Allora dovrò dirne di più a voi più tardi stasera." (Then I will have to say more of them to you later tonight). He promised the fae King, that impish glint in his eyes altogether clear in that singular moment, much less what that evening would surely consist of for the pair once their guests had left.

His thoughts shifted from such a place as Arlo once again spoke up of those songs he had claimed to pen. His assurances that he hadn't signed anything over to the band was met with a raised eyebrow. How many times had he heard that one? Still, he remained silent, simply listening as Arlo spoke of bringing him proof once he returned home to fetch it. That request to help, however, prompted a small nod from the vampire. "Yes, bring me everything you can find and I'll get you in touch with someone after I've looked at it. Once you prove the songs are yours, we'll get them registered at the copyright office to prevent this from happening again." At the very least, this meant Arlo could start making some sort of passive revenue from royalties.

That sudden simper upon Arlo's lips quite near told of the man's agreement even before Arlo himself did and yet, even Sebastian could hardly help that delight. Abigail's sudden insistence she wished to stay at the palace to pretend to be a princess prompted a warm chuckle from his lips. "You are a princess, dear." He reassured her, even as Dorian too accepted her rather feminine desires. Sebastian hardly missed that cheeky comment that left his lover's lips, his own blue eyes shifted towards Arlo. "Well, mate, it looks like you have two months to make your move." He commented, his voice altogether soft, meant for his companion's ears alone, even if Arlo seemed vastly more interested in that lasagna that had been placed in front of him then the woman at his side. Pft. Vampires. That question of their bachelor parties, however, caused his lips to press together ever so slightly in a small frown. This too was yet another facet of their impending wedding that Sebastian had all but forgotten. "I...hadn't thought of our stags." He admitted, his gaze shifted towards his lover, that clear confusion upon Dorian's features all but told him of how much the King had thought of it far before Dorian's own comment of being altogether ignorant on what such an event even was. "We called them Stag Nights in England. The groom has a party to celebrate his last night before becoming a married man. The bride has one too but they are called something else." He was almost purposeful in leaving out what events consisted of. After all, there were many a man who cheated on their wife-to-be on that very evening. Not that he had any intention of doing so - rather, he hardly wished his lover to think such a thing was a norm.


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