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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
It hardly mattered to Abigail exactly where that notebook was. After all, if Arlo needed it then she would help him find it! It was that simple to the young woman and, besides, his home hardly had much things to tear apart to find it. They'd be done going over the whole apartment in like an hour flat. Maybe they could clean and organize a little while they did. She just….had to do it a day that Mi wasn't home. She hadn't quite forgiven the woman for that incident with the broom, the sheer memory of it made the palm of her hand ache, even though that wound was long gone. Her hazel eyes turned brightly to Arlo as the man accepted her offer, only to comment that it was a drive. It prompted an almost curious look from the young woman as the realization of exactly what she had offered herself for dawned on her. Oh. They were going...home home. Like to his parent's home. That...was a whole different story. God, she hoped his parents liked her. She would be on her best behavior, for sure! "That's okay!" Abigail insisted only to pause and consider her already existing responsibilities. "Just….let me know when you want to go okay? So I can arrange it with work and school." She nodded, entirely determined to do this thing...right.

Frankly, Abigail almost doubted that it would be anytime soon. With Sebastian and Dorian's wedding in a matter of months, Arlo was likely going to be terribly busy rehearsing for those songs with this new super amazing pop singer of his. It was all rather exciting, as far as Abby was concerned and she was certainly going to attempt to be a good girl and not distract him too much in the coming weeks. She hardly expected, however, for the young woman herself to be put in charge of where she wanted to stay, after all, she was mostly coming along for the ride, and, of course, to celebrate her new found friend's marriage! Still, she hardly even hesitated before inquiring to stay at that luxurious palace. It was a distinctly bold move for the often well-behaved woman and yet, this time, her excitement about it all quite got away from her. Although Dorian looked surprised, and though Sebastian was quick to reassure her that she certainly was the princess she wanted to be, both seemed willing enough to allow them to stay - to the point that they were even going to have a full staff to wait on them! The whole idea made her gasp ever so softly, even if she hadn't the faintest notion of what to do with a whole staff to wait on her! Did she like….ask them for hot chocolate or something?

As it was, the girl hardly dwelled on this long, however, before declaring Dorian to be the absolute best person like….EVER! She could hardly help that beaming grin upon her features in complete and utter delight that she would be permitted to pursue those surely silly ideas of pretending her own royalty in the midst of real royalty! That addition of her own self-proclaimed title upon Dorian's already existing one made the girl giggle, her head bobbed nearly enthusiastically. "I think it's absolutely perfect!" She responded in the midst of her own laughter. Dorian was the best King, she was certain. He seemed so nice and handsome and wonderful! They were by far the best couple she had ever met. And their wedding would be perfect and she'd be damned sure to get Arlo in a tie and all dressed up handsomely. And Italy! She was going to get to go see Italy! Maybe Arlo would even regale her with doing all the touristy things at night too?! Wouldn't that be fun?! In fact, the girl was already wholly delighted with the prospect of this little vacation that she hardly took a great interest at all in that talk of the men's bachelor parties. After all, those were boy parties and she had her own alcohol all to herself right here as it was!

Though the young woman listened to that talk of pre-wedding parties, the woman wholly occupied with nibbling on her own lasagna now that she had assured Arlo too was utilizing the proper fork. She had to admit that it was, by far, the most delectable, cheesy, goodness she had ever tasted in her life. Then again, it wasn't as if Abigail's diet had consisted often of things like that altogether rich pasta dish. It rather suited that drink in front of her quite near perfectly and, as much as she hated to admit it, that glass was dwindling far quicker then she liked. It brought a warm sort of fuzzy feeling with it though, somewhere in the bottom of her stomach and the back of her head. It was the kind of feeling that made her almost naturally smile, even as Arlo gingerly nudged her shoulder. That inquiry, however, was far more difficult to respond to, the girl's explanation of why she had so loudly scolded the King sounded rather...roundabout and nonsensical, even to her. Still, Arlo seemed to accept the idea readily enough, so much so that she almost found herself staring at him dumbfounded. Almost. After all, her own thoughts were quite near turning into a rather muddled mess to begin with.

Thankfully, the man was quick to redirect his attention elsewhere, towards those very gardens that Abigail herself so adored. Her own attention turned readily towards the fae King, that sheer number he'd given them prompted her gaze to widen in awe. Hectares?! She didn't even know how big a hectare was! But to have one hundred and twenty of them seemed like a super duper lot of them! She could quite near get lost in that many gardens! "That would be amazing! Arlo, will you go see them all with me?!" Abigail inquired, turning quite enthusiastically towards her best friend. She wanted to see all the flowers and plants and fountains and everything those gardens had to offer. And, perhaps, it would provide her with ample space to play around a little with her own sort of affinities - although maybe she shouldn't push her luck either. Still, that promise that there was one place, in particular, she might enjoy quickly redirected the girl's attention towards Dorian, "Really??! Will you show me?!" She requested. Abigail knew, naturally, that Dorian would probably be super duper busy that week but….maybe he could make time for one super quick garden visit. He needed to relax too - right?

Her attention was quite near resolutely upon Dorian as the man inquired after asking Arlo a question, the sort of question that was phrased in such a way that she was almost apprehensive about the real one. Her eyebrows rose ever so slightly as the fae King continued on to voice that very thing she herself had been considering - Arlo's ties to Sebastian. She listened intently to that explanation Arlo provided the group at large, that very information somehow appealed to the scientist within her, to the very biology she'd so undertaken to master. "That's not possible." She stated after a moment, entirely firm. "There has to be another one of you out there, unless you were a genetic mutation. Was your maker like you?" After all, Arlo had quite near hinted that the man was. "Maybe we should find another one of you…." She commented, though this one was far more amusing than one Abigail intended to actually pursue. That inquiry of her own kind, however, saw her attention shift towards her companion. Her head bobbed ever so slightly. "Of course we do. The were trait is a bloodborne disease so we have to be really really careful to not infect other people - the person who transmits the disease to you is your maker." That was something Abigail was well aware of. She had to be careful about getting boo-boos, and who she let tend to those owwies and even who she had sex with….when she was ready to do that, that was. Abigail made sure to be super duper careful. After all, while she quite enjoyed being a panda, as it was the only thing she knew, she suspected others out there might not take too keenly on their lives being interrupted by her negligence.

Abigail Hughes a were red panda


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