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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
Abigail was an awful liar. In fact, she was relatively certain she was quite near the worst liar ever. Even she would have called herself out on that fib she had so struggled to craft for the man at her side. He was so sweet and trusting, her best friend simply accepting that behavior even though he too considered it...abnormal. She felt guilty about so hiding the truth from him and yet, the idea of telling the man she had taken offense to Dorian so eying those assets was perhaps equally as...uncomfortable for the young woman. It provoked within her butterflies that she was not yet ready to deal with. After all, to tell him the truth would be to admit that her own assertion that he was her Arlo went a bit beyond that simple friendship. It was to admit even the possibility that she might hold some affection for him, and dealing with the fall out of that was simply too much to even dwell on at the given moment. Of course, she knew Dorian had insisted that he held feelings for her in turn but...what if Dorian was wrong? It was far more than the girl was willing to risk. After all, why would he hold any feelings like that for her? He was a big-time rock star extraordinaire! She was certain that once he was back on the stage with his guitar in hand, he'd have all those girls flocking to him. Maybe he'd find love within that new band, or maybe one of those girls that follow bands around the nation...or even a model! No matter what he found, she'd still be that sweet girl next door that was his best friend.

She tried to meet that shrug with a warm simper on her features, even though her thoughts were so occupied in that moment with fears he'd forget about her once he became all rich and famous again. Maybe he'd move out to Hollywood where all the musicians went. She shook her head ever so slightly, instead focusing her attention upon the King across the table from her at Arlo's mention of those gardens. It was almost easy to replace those underlying concerns with talks of those flowers and plants. They had been the one constant companion of the young girl's life, even if they were hardly capable of caring for her quite in the same way she did for them. The sheer size of Dorian's gardens all but awed her, the woman entirely determined to explore them all, and the waterfalls and lakes and all of that splendor! In fact, it seemed the exact sort of place her animal form would all but adore! Abigail turned near immediately towards Arlo, altogether determined to invite him along with her. She could hardly help that sound of delight from her lips at Arlo's agreement, her gaze turned quite abruptly towards Dorian, inquiring if he would show her that place he so spoke of. Truly, she could hardly hide that delight from her features that her newfound friends would surely make time to spend with her when they would likely be busy as it was. Those hazel eyes turned towards the Englishman, "You'll have to come too, okay Sebastian? You have to keep Arlo company!" She was teasing Arlo, certainly and yet he probably wasn't going to enjoy those gardens as much as Dorian and herself would.

It was in the aftermath of that talk of gardens and bachelor parties that her attention turned towards her lasagna, the girl all too keen to enjoy that delectable ooey gooey melt in your mouth cheese. This was exactly what her stomach had been missing. Frankly, by the look of it, Arlo seemed to be overly enjoying his own meal with….a fair level of enthusiasm. Those hazel eyes shifted from the man at the sound of Mr. Prince Charming's voice and though they had spoken amongst themselves of that curious vampiric possessiveness, she had hardly expected Dorian to actually ask over it! Still, maybe he had vastly more of a right to do so then she did. After all, Sebastian was his fiance! She probably wouldn't like another woman being possessive over her fiance - if she ever had one, that was. Abigail hardly missed the way that Sebastian so seemed to freeze in that moment, that usual calm demeanor almost seemed to falter, as if he too was worried about that answer. Uh oh. Thankfully, that answer Arlo provided was a near definite no, one that seemed to bring relief to both men. While she was glad about this, there was something else that almost bothered her about that history, the fact that Arlo was the only one of his kind. It was simply…..not possible, she was sure especially when Arlo's line went so far back. A small frown crossed her features and yet, she hardly pushed that issue even despite her assurances that SOMEONE out there had to be like him. Rather, it was her own species Arlo had questions of - that a topic she was more than willing to divulge her own knowledge of. Arlo's own confirmation that he hadn't turned into a panda only caused the girl to nod in confirmation. "Right! It's really interesting if you put my blood with a human's under a microscope! You can see my red blood cells go on the offense! It like invades human blood. I've never gotten to look at what it does with other species but….it seems you guys are pretty safe from me!"

Her attention turned almost inquisitively towards Dorian as the fae King spoke of his own species. It was curious that Dorian's father had made so many...and yet, that simple thought was quite near blurted out of her mouth before she could even stop herself. "Why did he make so many when he had you?" She inquired, pausing for a moment before she realized how….rude that sounded. Oh dear. She hadn't meant it that way! It was just, Dorian seemed so nice and he was super handsome and he was a King! Wouldn't that be enough to make any father proud? Enough to not want another sort of surrogate child? After all, the bond between maker and made was….well intense even for weres. Arlo's questions, however, turned her own thoughts back towards those more scientific thought processes, the very idea of traits so immediately coming to mind. "Well...breeding more could be hard depending on their DNA…." She offered the suggestion with a small shrug, though it was just speculation to the young woman when Dorian had first-hand knowledge of his own species.

Her gaze briefly fluttered towards Sebastian as the vampire offered any assistance he might be able to provide her best friend. Frankly, she was beginning to figure out that Arlo was maybe a young vampire and...maybe Mr. Chocolate man was much older. Or maybe he was a maker….or maybe he still talked to his? Either way, it was kind of good for Arlo to have someone to talk to about all those vampirey things that she couldn't help with. Once again, she found herself glad that they had found each other! Her own hand reached for that refilled wine, the girl sipping on its contents as her legs swung ever so giddily underneath her chair. That wine was rather tasty. She quite liked how it made her feel. What she didn't expect, however, was that sudden question on Arlo's lips about a vibe - thought what he was talking about quite went over her head. At least, until he turned to her quite suddenly to assure her that he was not gay. She could hardly help the giggle on her lips, Arlo's insistence that they shouldn't laugh only certainly worsened her own. "Arlo!" She responded amongst that laughter, "You're just too pretty!" She assured him, clearly that was why so many men were hitting on him! Silly boy!

Abigail Hughes a were red panda


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