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Despite how utterly cliché it was, he knew well how passionate Dorian was for that fauna and flora. It was, he suspected, the way those blossoms so embodied the fae King's affinity for life in a fashion that was so pure and simplistic. He understood the way Dorian so relished that very world that Sebastian had, in some aspects, stolen from him. The fae King was meant to walk in the sun and yet, he was doomed to fall in love with the darkness, it seemed. He suspected, quite frankly, that Abigail was quite nearly of the same cut. A small simper crossed his features as he watched that excitement that fluttered across Abigail's features. He suspected though Dorian's own tendency to restrain those emotions, this was quite near the same level of enthusiasm that even his ever regal lover held for certain things. He watched as her hazel eyes turned abruptly towards him, the girl clearly determined to ensure the four of them enjoyed the depths of Caserta's vast garden's together. The man nodded, that soft chuckle reverberated on his lips. "Of course, darling. Someone has to keep him out of trouble." He responded, his blue eyes but briefly fluttered towards Arlo even in spite of that tease. Frankly, he suspected that Arlo's eyes would be entirely focused on the young woman were they to venture into those manicured landscapes.

He hardly expected that question that came in the aftermath of such talk of flowers and plants. That conversation twisted all too abruptly for his own liking to a topic that Sebastian himself was entirely uncertain of. He knew, in some regards, how important Arlo's answer to that inquiry was and yet, he hadn't quite realized the true extent of it until Dorian's own fit figure began to relax once again in that chair. His gaze fluttered towards the fae King in an almost inquisitive fashion. Had he truly been that concerned over Arlo's feelings for him? Even if they were not returned? He was hardly oblivious to that simper upon the King's features all the same though, as if that simple assurance had put the man in a far better mood than he had anticipated it might. It was that alone that prompted the vampire to offer his own sort of reminder that, regardless of his tendency to dote upon his prey, and regardless of the easy company he found with Arlo, Dorian was, quite literally, his whole world. His free hand reached out, that palm gingerly brushed against Dorian's thigh. For once, that gesture was hardly meant in the same sensual fashion he so often desired to provoke from the King. Tonight, it had a far sweeter intention, a simple reminder of sorts that he belonged completely to Dorian alone. That wedding ring upon his finger certainly signified that dedication alone.

That touch lingered still as his fork cut into that lasagna, his thoughts briefly wondered at the sight of Arlo so eagerly consuming that pasta dish. In a way, he was almost jealous of that clear enjoyment that Arlo took from his own lifeforce, the hunger almost toying with him even despite his disinterest in his own blood. The vampire was quite purposeful as he placed that piece of pasta and cheese within his mouth. That sudden announcement on young Abigail's lips drew his gaze upwards with clear curiosity, and yet, the vampire remained wholly silent as he simply watched the members at that dinner party discuss the peculiar uniqueness of those various species. A vast majority of that information was hardly new to him in the slightest. After all, in the near two hundred years he had spent as the epitome of that 'party boy', Sebastian had come across, bedded, drank with, or done some sort of illicit activity with near every one of them - time and time again. He had watched vampires feed upon each other, though never one that quite favored or could sustain their entire existence on the blood of their own kind. He had watched weres shift and change, he'd eaten from their veins with no shift in his own existence. He'd consumer witches, fearing they might tear him asunder with the hue of their lifeforce and yet…..throughout it all, the vampire remained unchanged.

It was in that singular moment that the vampire himself realized just how much of the world and how much of life he had experienced when compared to every single other member at that table. Even despite this realization, he was entirely willing to let the little group come to their own conclusions on the curiosities of their species. With one final gentle squeeze upon Dorian's leg, his hand shifted to instead rest his elbow upon the edge of the table, his cheek nestled in his palm. It was a decidedly improper pose at the dinner table and yet, with the way Arlo was near wolfing down his blood, he suspected well he'd hardly be chastised for breaking those manners so expected of him during his youth. He listened as Abigail spoke of watching her own blood attack those of mortals, Dorian's intrigue in that simple sight was decidedly clear. "We can get a microscope for it." He added in, entirely willing to acquire just what the girl needed. After all, that equipment could certainly get...expensive. For all his lack of involvement in that conversation of weres and vampires, it was, most notably, that talk of fae that so aroused his attention. After all, that family of sorts he was but months away from marrying into was still largely a mystery in some fashion. Sebastian himself had only dared to ask so much before he realized Dorian's discomfort at those more gritty details. This, perhaps, was the perfect chance to glean some light on those pieces he had put together.

It was curious, truly that the fae as a race was so particularly….infertile. He had never considered that Dorian was quite near incapable of producing a child, particularly considering just what he knew of his lover's sex drive. Perhaps this too contributed to his acceptance of the simple fact that their shared gender made such a family an impossibility for them? Even so, it was that very mention of Dorian's father that further intrigued him, the man eternally curious of Matteo. The elder fae seemed to enjoy setting him on edge, and indeed, he never failed to do so. Perhaps it was childish of him to almost…want the man's approval. Matteo, in turn, seemed almost finicky about whether or not he had earned it. It was…..vexing to say the least. What wasn't surprising, however, was that the elder fae had turned so much of Dorian's court on the single demand that they faithfully served the Italian crown and, in turn, his own son. Though the pair's relationship was difficult and awkward, even Sebastian could tell well of the love Matteo had for Dorian. It was present in so much that he did for the man. Truly, it was almost convenient. Matteo was able to provide Dorian an eternal court to preside over with little to bind them to him except for the shared experience of that ritualistic death.

He blue eyes briefly met the silver hue of the fae King, that small warm simper all but fluttering to his features at even the slightest glimpse of attention from his lover. That story that fell from Dorian's lips afterward was one he knew well the details of, one he had asked after and understood the atrocities of that life confined to a singular place and a single point in time for what felt like a near eternity. He said little during that story, simply watching his lover as Dorian so attempted to jest over that near eternal servitude his court had agreed to. Truthfully, he was almost glad that Dorian at least had them though, when the world itself was rarely so kind or nearly quite as it had once been. It was, however, Arlo's own sudden comment of being without anyone to question over his own species that prompted Sebastian to speak up, the man fully willing to help his only friend in whatever fashion he could, even if it was merely to provide the young vampire the knowledge he had of those….kinks that came with being undead. For now, however, he hardly expected that sudden question that fell from Arlo's lips, that inquiry of a 'vibe' caused his eyebrows to raise. A grin easily danced across his features, the vampire wholly unable to help that roll of his eyes as the man so abruptly insisted he was not gay. Dorian's insistence that it was surely the jeans caused his head to shake ever so slightly, "Are you sure? I'm pretty sure it's the hair. He has that 90's boy band thing going on. God, you don't know who the Backstreet Boys are, do you?" He inquired, his attention turning towards his lover with a hint of regret. Although such pop music had hardly been exactly Sebastian's forte, it had been a unique era for music, that he could say for sure. Those all girl and all boy bands had become so particularly cliche, their rise, and fall near occurring overnight. It had been fascinating to watch and, frankly, at least he was certain Arlo would get the reference.


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