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if these wings could fly for the rest of our lives
Abigail liked Science. She liked to see those little cell blobs move under her microscopes and do all the celly stuff that it did. It was so crazy to think of all those little atoms that made up each and every object in the world. It was like a magic trick! Really, she probably should have been a scientist instead of a biologist but she liked the outside too much to stay cooped in an office with no windows at a desk that wasn't all that big. Still, she was near ecstatic that Dorian too wished to see that blood war! It was a rather neat thing to watch, that is, if you knew what you were looking at. Otherwise it was totally just blobs moving around other blobs that become different blobs. But they were all meaningful blobs! Her head bobbed near excitedly at that suggestion she might be able to share it with a friend. "Of course!" She declared, Sebastian's own exclamation that he would procure them a microscope for this very experiment only further served to delight her all the more. "That's be amazing! Then we just have to get some human blood and slides and maybe some petri dishes…." Her voice trailed off almost thoughtfully as she considered all those things they would surely need for that little experiment.
She was ignorant, in that moment, to the way Arlo's gaze so lingered upon her. Rather, the girl was entirely capable of being oblivious when she was otherwise distracted and this was entirely distracting. Her hazel eyes turned toward the fae King across from her at that very inquiry of how the fae worked in comparison to her were-species or the undead vampires. That very consideration that they were capable of being created and made was certain curious and yet, she had a sneaking suspicion there was a rather big reason why the fae hadn't taken over the majority of the population, even if she wasn't sure yet what that reason was. That nod she was given at her mention of their genetic makeup only furthered the woman's curiosity. It was almost sad, really, that fae had such difficulty having children. She knew how devastating that could be to some people. After all, there was a whole section of the healthcare system dedicated to helping some couples get pregnant. She supposed maybe that also made some fae hesitant in making others if they knew the life they were condemning them too. Frankly, she'd think it'd make all species hesitate to turn others but….it still seemed to happen all the same….though she didn't hate being a were all that much. At least, not compared to Arlo's sad story, and what she assumed was Mr. Chocolate man's sad story too.
Abigail's gaze turned towards Arlo as the man so clearly began to verbally put those pieces together. Her head bobbed every so slightly as Arlo uttered that Sebastian was incapable of having children - that, at least, made sense, considering vampires were like….undead. Sort of. Her gaze shifted towards Dorian as her best friend continued to summarize all that they had learned in those past few moments, only to inquire after adoption as an option for the soon to be married pair. It was kind of a shame, really. Genetics and biology aside, Abigail was pretty certain Dorian and Sebastian would have made the cutest kids. Hell, they'd probably be absolutely amazing fathers too! That prospect of father's an fae, however, lingered heavily upon her mind. She couldn't imagine, truly, why Dorian's father would even want to make other fae. Didn't he have a bond with all of them too? Why would he even want to when he had such wonderful son to make him proud? At least, she was rather certain Dorian seemed like he would be a good son, anyways. She could hardly help the way she quite near blurted out that inquiry, the girl momentarily seemed near horrified at her own question before Prince Charming made such an effort to reassure her that all was fine.
It was rather odd, she was sure, that those Fae lacked that binding to their maker in the same way that other species did. Still, she supposed it sort of made sense. Vampires needed their makers to learn how to properly feed and control their hunger. Weres needed their makers or Alphas to help with that shift. Witches needed to learn how to handle their magic. Hunters needed to learn how to fight to defend themselves against the other species that surely viewed them as a threat. In a way….the fae were….kind of lucky. They had relatively few downsides really. That story that the fae King provided them of being trapped in his palace with the human staff he had once held sounded vaguely familiar. In fact, she was rather certain she had heard it before! "So you're like the beast! Did you deny a witch something?!" She eyed him almost suspiciously, as if she was certain this had to be the reason behind Dorian's capture. "Did you save him with a rose?" Abigail inquired, turning her attention briefly towards Sebastian, even if she was certain that the answer to that inquiry, was a no. Although, really, how great WOULD it be to find a real life Beauty and the Beast? She bet Dorian even had a super fancy ballroom like the Beast had for their fall in love scene. Maybe they'd totally have their wedding reception there and then it really really would be like that fairy tale she had loved so much as a child.
She was wholly distracted from that fairytale by Arlo's sudden announcement that he did have a question for them. The talk of some boy radar was nearly lost upon her, at least until the man turned towards her to insist he mostly certainly was not gay. Well that was a relief! She could hardly help the giggle on her lips as she assured Arlo that it was just that he was pretty! That simple sentence surely the closest she had ever come to inform him that she had found him attractive. Dorian's sudden insistence that it was the jeans only caused her own eyes to roll. Of course Prince Charming would say that! He had been eying Arlo's butt, after all! Sebastian's sudden insistance that it was the hair however, only caused her giggles to worsen, at least until that very comment of The Backstreet Boys. That sudden alarm as to what they had been doing in those back streets of sorts entirely went over the girl's head. Afterall, wasn't it obvious what they had been doing? SINGING, DUH! The sudden appearance of desserts had almost entirely distracted her, those strawberries and drizzled chocolate looked wholly delicious. Oh my god, yes! Abigail picked up her fork, momentarily considering picking up one of those pieces of fruit only for Arlo to inquire after weather or not he should change his jeans and hair. Abigail shook her head ever so slightly as she picked one of those strawberries. "Nope! I like you just the way you are!" She informed him with a rather warm grin on her features, only to stick that fruit in her mouth with a giddy sort of "mmm!". She was feeling so warm and….buzzy. This was awesome. Could tonight just last forever?!

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