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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Why it seemed like the fae man always seemed to be concerned for her was one of the many reasons she simply couldn't get a bearing on those wild emotions that would stir within her breast and cause that warmth to wrap around her like a warm fleece blanket on a cold winter's night. Over and over she would tell herself that it was simply because she'd been right that very first time they'd encountered one another, when he'd so easily had the chance to overpower her and she would be as helpless as a bird with a broken wing unable to fly away. The things he could have done to her that night, the life that he could have ended so quickly and surely hidden so well... He hadn't, though. Instead, he'd walked with her back to that plain white four door sedan and helped her into it, warned her about wandering around Hyde Park at night. Then, he'd given her that camera she cherished to replace the one he'd crushed so easily in those strong yet surprisingly gentle hands of his, walked her home yet again as she wandered down those poorly lit streets in search from the fae man she felt compelled to thank. They were friends, even had a mutual friend in the ever endearing Dorian as they'd discovered not too long ago when they'd both found themselves present for that tea party. It seemed like at every twist and turn, they were running into one another... Then again, maybe it wasn't that they were running into one another, but rather that they never really and truly parted as their paths seemed almost intricately intertwined with the each other somehow. Such could be the fate of those meant to be just friends, right? It just seemed almost impossible that there could be anything even remotely more than that - or at least that was what the blue-eyed blonde was determined to make herself believe amidst all those feelings and fantasies that hoped for so much more.

Chuckling almost gently, he assured her that she did not make a fool of herself and even though when he says that she never could, she hardly believed that. She could think of plenty of ways to embarrass herself in front of Andras, and surely had she not caught herself in those words she'd quickly shifted into something harmless when their original intent was to be purely honest with little to no filter, she would have done just that. It was an image that was impossible to get out of her thoughts though, the fae man shirtless with sun-kissed skin as he stood there in all that was Andras, the captor of her every heartbeat and dreaded fantasy. She welcomes his next words for assurance as an escape from those fantasies that always seemed ready to be triggered and pulled into full force whenever a single inward observation dared to run away from her and almost beyond her control. She simply smiles up at the fae man then as they walk along, exchanging brief words as he would gesture to things along the way, the young woman so very content to keep her hand in his as they walked along and despite the rushed pace at which they moved, she couldn't be happier or more excited about where the next two days would take her. She couldn't be more ready to see Ida again, to see that glistening snow, and she was hardly able to keep herself from running ahead as she thought of just what the Winter Solstice Festival would be like. Would there be lights? What sorts of decorations would there be? And she remembers from last night her eagerness to try fae food. Those wild and excited thoughts seemed to whirl around her like a hurricane, sweeping away those other thoughts for the time being. When they reached the townhouse and moved through the comfortable home setting and to the garage, this is natural anticipation when confronted with something that was still very new to her. She feels his grasp on her hand though, and with a slow and steadying exhale they step into that portal. She could feel that same spinning sensation quickly chased away when that brilliant white and winter cold appear out of the pitch black and while she does sway a little when she finds her feet firmly on the ground once more, she is thankful that she can catch herself quicker than before and Andras' satin tenor tones only reaffirm that she was adjusting slowly to the magic that he so wielded."Well, that can come as soon as it wants", she replies in gentle amusement when he remarks about how she would one day not even notice it.

Just like all those years ago when she'd go to visit her grandmother, when the fae man leads her into the warmth of the lodge, she's almost instantly swept up into those arms of the older fae woman and she is equally as quick to return that gesture of clear fondness and affection that she held for Ida. She laughs brightly at her words, beaming that radiant smile to the older fae woman. Yes, it had only been a few days since her last trip here to Somnia, but for the blue-eyed blonde it had almost felt like an eternity. She turns one last time to watch Andras as he disappears, a small tinge of longing finding her beating heart before she reminds herself that he had things much more important than her to tend to and so she is able to satisfy herself with the idea of just when she should give him that present she'd made for him. Definitely tomorrow, though maybe tonight for she just couldn't make herself wait until the Winter Solstice Festival. She's led into the living area and that's when all other thoughts come to a screeching halt as she's greeted by all the festive decorations that seemed like it were out of some oil painting of what would easily be considered the most beautiful Christmas setting ever. The only thing that was missing was popcorn garland. She can't help the smile that finds her lips as she thinking of asking the older fae woman if they might be able to make one together like she and her grandmother always used to. Or maybe she could with Andras... Focus, Lani, she scolds herself as baby blues drink in all the lights and garland with bright delight until Ida is telling her that she could get a better look later, leading the young woman away and up those stairs to the bedroom that she'd found Andras in that morning. Ida settles her things on the bed before turning to Beylani with a look in those warm eyes that catch the young woman almost offguard. She begins to speak and at first Beylani is simply nodding as she remembers Andras mentioning briefly that fae folk had heightened sense, how he had been able to hear her heartbeat which had at the time only made it race even faster, but then she nearly stiffens when Ida goes on to explain something that of course Andras would have "forgotten" to elaborate on. The older fae woman gives her a wide grin and she can feel the warmth in her cheeks again. Thankfully though, Ida shifts the conversation to that gift and as she assured the blue-eyed blonde that Andras would be thrilled with the twig if that was all she'd given him, it causes the young woman to wonder more of him. She knew that he wasn't into extravagant things, but he'd never really told her why or if there was even a reason. Pushing away the memory from that night in her small apartment, she smiles thankfully at Ida."Thank you, Ida. I needed that boost of confidence", she says warmly in a soft reply to the encouragement that the older fae woman's words offered her.

Ida was nearly ready to excuse herself when Beylani inquired about some warmer clothes, and there is a small frown on the older fae woman's features as she comments on how she would be wanting more than an extra jacket before turning to gesture for Beylani to follow her to the large walk-in closet that made her even closet at Riverdale look like nothing more than a drawer. There were so many different articles of clothing hanging up, from thick jackets to blouses and nightwear, it was almost like a department store in the lodge. Ida shuffles through the clothes, muttering the herself softly before finally she gathered a thicker sweater and fleece lined pants, all accompanied by more weather appropriate boots, handing them to Beylani who nods in agreement at the woman's words. She really should have been better prepared. Turning to leave the closet, Ida's words have her looking back to the older fae woman in surprise. Everything in there was now hers?! How she wanted to know what sort of magic made it so that everything fit her so perfectly, how Andras would see fit to not only give her an entire room all her own but a wardrobe that far outdid her own she'd bought for herself back in her own world, but she doesn't ask. Not yet. Ida moves away as she says she would have hot chocolate for Beylani when she returned, suggesting she should stay within sight of the lodge and the young woman smiles warmly."You're too kind, Ida. And I'll be sure not to wander too far", she replies brightly before she begins removing her cardigan though her gaze moves back to Ida who speaks once more, this time revealing a hot spring on the roof, that she was welcome to it whenever she wished. A radiant smile dances across blush-colored lips as she watches the woman disappear around the corner. She would definitely have to check that out, that much she was certain of. She'd been in hot tubs and jacuzzis before, but never a hot spring. This place just kept becoming harder and harder to leave!

She wastes no time in changing into those warmer clothes, folding her original outfit neatly and settling them on that large bed before nearly rushing out of her bedroom and back towards where she knew the front door to be. She hesitates again to admire the decoration that Andras has taken it upon himself to set up, but she only lingers for a moment before she moves to the front door and steps out into the cold that kisses fair-skinned cheeks. Standing there where the paved pathway began, baby blue eyes are glittering within childish delight as she veers off the clearef path and into the white powder, relishing in the crunch of the snow as she walked through it and towards a cluster of trees. The absolute first thing she wanted to do was build a snowman. There is a bright smile on those lips as she scavenged through the freshly fallen snow through the gloves she'd managed to remember to pack with her. Once she's found the perfect amount of sticks just the right length along with a handful of pebbles, she stomps through the white powder and up to the crest of a small hill still well within view of the lodge. It was the perfect spot, where maybe Andras might be able to look out of his window and see it. Getting to work, she starts with a small snowball and contained to pack it and roll it around her, growing it until she had one big enough for the body. Next, she repeats the process only this time it is smaller than the first. With a soft grunt, she picks it up and places it on top of the first large mound of snow, situated perfectly so that it would not fall off. As she is making a head for the snowman, her first in so very long and her very first in Somnia, she wonders if perhaps Andras ever built a snowman or if it was just another human thing. Did fae children know what snowmen were? How peculiar would she look running about in the snow making large balls of the icy stuff and stacking them on top of the other only to decorate her creation with sticks and stones? Deciding it didn't matter and that she was having so much fun even without Andras and his banter he so enjoyed, she places the last mound of snow on top of the previous one. Bending over, she collects her pebbles and gives the snowman eyes, a mouth, and of course she gave him some buttons. Then came the nose and arms as she strategically places the twigs she'd found. She steps back to admire her work for a moment, clearly pleased with herself as she turns to face the same direction as the snowman, having intentionally made it to where he was looking out to where she knew the village rested."Maybe tomorrow, I'll make you a friend", she says the snowman like he could hear her.

Uncertain of how long she'd spent exploring through the snow, looking around the trees to see if she could find any birds or squirrels sheltering in the protective boughs, slipping only once just to lay there from a moment or two as she giggled to herself like a girl in a wonderland all her own as she waves her arms and legs around to make a snow angel, she realizes that the sun was setting. How she wasn't chilled the bone, she wasn't sure and deciding almost with reluctance that she should probably return to the lodge before either Ida or Andras came looking for her, she finds her way back onto the paved pathway and walks leisurely back to the front door. As she steps inside and removes those snow covered boots, that cold is chased away when she is embraced by the warmth and sweet smell of hot chocolate. Smiling, she moves into the living room - again pausing to take in the amazement of those beautiful decorations - and looks towards that polished dining room table where a lone mug of hot chocolate sits, practically with her name written on it. She grabs the cup and walks over to the couch where she settles into the cushions and sips on that warm sweetness as baby blue eyes stare into the roaring fire. She wonders where Ida was, thinking the older fae woman would have been waiting for her only to see no sign of her. She had much to do though, just like Andras. Once her hot chocolate is finished, she moves back into the kitchen where she sets the mug, remembering the magic that tended the guests of the lodge, and ascends up those stairs. Having thoroughly explored the snow, a dip in the hot springs under a sky full of stars sounded like a nice way to end the day. Quickly stopping by her own room and retrieving black sweatpants, a white tank top, and a towel, she exists her bedroom and climbs ever higher up those stairs until she comes to a large glass door and just outside, she could just see steam rising in the warm glow of candlelight. Smiling gently to herself and not even stopping to think why there would be candlelight, she sets her fresh change of clothes onto the ground beside her towel and steps out of those winter adventure clothes, the fabrics falling to the floor to reveal that soft bare skin. Draping her arms over naked breasts, she lowers herself into the warm and steamy water, a blissful sigh escaping her lips. So caught up in the warmth and the beauty of a darkening sky, she is entirely obviously to just who had thought of the same ending to a busy day in Somnia...

Beylani Rose~
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