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There were many things that she enjoyed. Fine wine from only the best vineyards around the world, the most exquisite and precisely prepared dishes from each and every place that her feet had ever touched down on, the beauty of those exotic sights, sounds, and smells that were practically reduced to nothing but greyscale, monotone, and bland notes in the wake of all that her beauty could swiftly steal… And, of course, being the materialistic creature that she was – and often had no reason to hide from the eyes of others unless it would prove to ruin whatever ruse she might have planned – those peridot eyes certainly had an affinity for things that glittered and gleamed. She reveled in some of the most expensive luxuries that money could afford her, but there were some things that, much to her surprise, money couldn’t buy. Well, not all the time, anyway. They say that love and favor were not among the list of pretty little trinkets that could be purchased, but Vitani had seen it prove only to be little more than a false philosophy written by the hand of some dead man. If the price were high enough, love could be bought. Though, such a trivial thing hardly served the fae woman any good, proved to hold next to no value in the end when all she could ever come close to was lust, that artificial impersonation that could mirror the genuine article rather well. Startlingly well, actually. Love was not something that was beyond her talents to manifest, especially when it was the card she could play that would bring to her the greatest prize; whatever it was at the time that she desired to take for herself. What was that saying that mother dearest always told her? Selfish people live longer? Yes, that was it. And Vitani was more than happy to be just that.

Yes, among this list of things that she was always content indulge herself in, was that game that she played with those fragile hearts of the men that would trail after her. She didn’t exactly expect for every man that she would give a passing glance to fall over in a lovestruck fit or worship the very ground that she walked on… but when they did, it was perhaps the most satisfying feeling in the world to know that she had them in the palm of her hand for as long as she wanted. She didn’t always try and lead them on, allow for them to think that they might have found the missing piece to their soul in the fae woman who was truly only after those much more tangible and useful things, but if they let her, then it wasn’t any fault of her own now was it? If they dared to draw such a conclusion, that was their own doing. not that she wouldn’t step aside and watch with twisted delight as their entire fantasy world she’d helped them trap themselves in came crashing down around them. If feigning a story of “happily ever after” got Vitani to where she sought... well, then that was what she would do until she had that thing of her true desire in her grasp. And then, when she grew tired of her playthings, she’d toss them aside, bent and broken, perhaps even shattered with any luck. She would hardly call this favorite pastime of hers sadistic. Even if it was the right word. The way she saw it, considered this dance of giving only just want she might need to in order to take everything that she wanted, it was nothing more than a game of Risk. It was a game of diplomacy, conflict, and conquest. After all, the fae woman knew plenty well that some of the best things in the world were hardly free as that cliché ignorantly stated. At least, when it came to the things that she considered to be the best things in life, which were far from peaceful mountain views and the serene sound of foam-crested waves crashing against soaked, sandy shorelines. No, the things that she would much rather have very much had costs, but in a sense, she would almost rather not have it other way. Though, that may or may not have something to do with the fact that she could afford it when so very few actually could.

Vitani could see the way that the Italian man seemed to be contemplating, and while she was certainly not a mind-reader, she wasn’t foolish. He likely knew the game that the fae woman posed before him, and yet he hardly had to accept that wordless challenge. It was not as though she had a gun to the man’s head or anything of the sort. If anything, should he decide that he was not nearly as daring as he thought himself to be, there was always the chance for him to get up and leave. Her world would not come to a screeching halt, and neither would her intentions of bringing something delectable home tonight. If Ludovino turned out to be lacking in the department of that bold daring he seemed to carry, then she was certain that one of these many men here in this extravagant bar would be only be encouraged to try their own luck. Men were intriguing that way, seizing an opportunity after watching one fail to succeed. Although, Vitani was rather confident that the Italian man was hardly the type to become timid, but she supposed that anything could happen. As hard as it was to think, there had been men who had turned down the fae woman, but she was hardly ever phased by those quick declines that very rarely found her. Normally, it was she that was the one declining those offers so readily given to her, but every huntress misses her mark now and then, no? half a dozen times in the past one-hundred years hardly seemed like a terrible success rate in need of improvements, or so Vitani was certain to believe. His brows furrow for a moment before his attention turns back to the fae woman, rich laughter falling easily from his lips as he spoke of his door being unlocked. Odd… Those sensitive ears were easily able to tell that it was hardly what Ludovino was thinking, but whatever it was, she dismisses whatever fleeting interest she might have had about it.

When he turns his thoughts to the information she’d been content to exchange in order to gain what she wanted to know about him, this intricate dance between them going along rather smoothly thus far, pale peridot eyes glitter curiously as he learns of his own past whereabouts. She tilts her head ever so slightly to the side then, a few strands of that precisely fashioned platinum blonde hair tumbling over her face as she blinks midnight lashes at him, offering a smile when he makes the mention that they were “from the grittier side of the countries”, though she could certainly see where this thought of his came from.”Naples? How quaint. I resided there, though only for a short while before settling in Verona. It is beautiful there, especially on the bay at night”, she replies nonchalantly. There were very few places that Vitani hadn’t been, but it seemed like a rather small world they were now living in for the two of them to have crossed paths. How fortunate for the fae woman. A smirk finds its way onto the Italian man’s chiseled features at the remark she’d made about his taste in liquors and it has her smile shifting into something coy and impish.”Indeed. Such a mindset should be applied in the many aspects of life, wouldn’t you agree?”, she purrs in those sultry lyrics once more as those suggestive words roll gracefully from her tongue. He regards her once again with that thoughtful look when she offers her name to him and she can almost guess that he was debating on how much farther he might continue to venture with Vitani, and she only rises a perfectly arched brow in silent question. Tenor tones break that fleeting silence as he teases her lightly and another melodic note of laughter tumbles easily from blush lips.”Perhaps only a time or two”, she answers impishly, that light note of sarcasm a clear indication that he was right in those assumptions that he’d drawn. She’s heard such compliments so much, what with her peculiar interests and hobbies, that she hardly bothered to keep track of that number anymore. If anything, it was hard to render her flattered anymore though it was certainly easy enough for Vitani to fake.

Perhaps if she was born and entirely different creature, she might have been rather fond of the man who sat across the table from her, but such feelings were hardly ever meant to linger for Vitani. In all this time, she'd had yet to truly have a genuine connection with another being on the level that went beyond using them to whichever advantage saw fit, and some might dare to think that she was a lonely soul. Well, she was hardly ever alone long enough to truly feel such a thing. So many assumed that individuals with her particular characteristics were just broken things that tried to fill their world with anything that held their attention so that just maybe their existence wasn't so empty, but Vitani hardly felt incomplete or anything of the sort. She preferred her solitude, content to do whatever she desired whenever she wanted... and witin whomever she found interest in. She reveled in those throws of passion with a man only to send him on his way through next morning, and in all her adult life, she'd only taken two last names until the man passed away and she could steal away all the riches that he had possessed. She was finished with such drawn-out escapades, though, and ever since the last pet of hers had passed on, she was almost entirely certain that she would only keep around what was of use. So far, she had yet to find anyone worth that privilege. He lifts his glass as he speaks on how they shared that same opinion the company they both found themselves in and Vitani lifts her own glass in wordless reply before decidedly downing the rest of her drink. When he goes on about his time here in Sacrosanct, a soft chuckle trickles from her as she eyes him."It's such a pity your time here has been so unkind to you, Ludovino. Perhaps tonight, we might be able to remedy that sense of isolation?", she purrs suggestively then before giving him a coy wink as that impish smile smile remains upon her lips. Oh yes, she was making her point only just clear enough on what she might care to do in order to soothe the sense of restlessness that she could practically pick out of every syllable he uttered. Now that was something she could certainly work with, and the fact that she found him very much handsome only made her wonder if perhaps she might be able to find a place for his talents. Depending on what more he might reveal to her, that is.

Content to let Ludovino bring her another drink though she had hardly expected the tray of treats, she stole a couple grapes, enjoying the crisp sweetness as it flooded over her tongue. When the Italian man mentions his mother, that once impish smile takes on a... warmer appearance as pale peridot eyes link at him at the wide grin he gives her."She's must have been a strong woman", she comments easily and with a gentleness though truthfully she hardly care for the topic of parents, much preferring not to remember her own simply because she didn't really care for them. She kept that distaste thoroughly hidden far beneath the surface though, knowing entirely well how much "famiglia" would likely mean to Ludovino and certainly not wanting to send him away now. And so, she decides then move that chess pieces in the direction of respect and warmth that she is easily able to portray, though it's changing once again as she gives him a sultry look of appraisal as he returns her words while he leans in, Vitani almost daring to think he were flirting back. He moves on to explain then what it was that brought him here, and the fae woman listens with curiosity glittering in those pale peridot depths, carefully dissecting how he was here to take his father's business and placing it in her memory for whatever it might prove useful for, his baritones soon changing to carry a note of amusement as he speaks of love and she raises a brow at him then as her impish smile grows."It's all a matter of opinion, I'd say", she answers with amusement playing into her own silken words only to melt easily into another melodic and soft note of laughter."Rest assured you'll be the first to know if I do", she replies with that same note of subtle humor in her lyrics. If only she felt so inclined to tell the man that she would hardly be searching for such a thing.

Frankly, she'd hardly been paying any mind to the passing of time thay had moved at a steady pace almost entirely past the pair without the fae woman having realized it. She hardly glances away from the Italian man when the waiter makes his way over to their booth, inquiring if there was anything else that they needed. She hardly realizes then that she'd finished her second martini, plucking the small toothpick and placing the olive between those lips for a moment before grasping it had her teeth and pulling it farther in the chew at it. When Ludovino looks down to his watch and turns his gaze back to the fae woman and those glittering period eyes that gaze at him from beneath those dark lashes, the waiter vanishes again as he realizes that the two were about to depart when the Italian then asks if Vitani was ready to depart the bar. She lifts a hand to toy with those long near white locks for a moment as if she were attempting to decide if she was truly ready or not."I suppose. Would you like to accompany me to Acosta Heights? We can resume our night of fun with a party for two on my rooftop terrace. I find myself with quite the extensive collection of aged wines and liquors", she suggests that him as she moves to stand on steady feet. She glides easily across the table to stand a mere inches away from Ludovino, reaching out a hand to the man still sitting in his chair as she reaches out for him and it touches his shoulder before moving slowly down the length of his arm, feeling the muscle of his bicep and forearm, that sultry smile saying more than her words did."Besides, I'd like to get to know you a little more, if you might allow me to", she says to the man when she leans ever closer, her hand resting there on his collarbone now, pink lips hardly a breath away from his ears before she withdraws, that sultry and tantalizing smile playing upon those lips as pale green gaze pierced his own. She moves her own metaphorical chess piece in this moment, lingers there before him for a moment before taking a single step back only just enough for him to rise out of his seat, waiting to see if he might play into just what it was that she was implying. It was now or never for the man, his one chance at a night all his friends would be wildly envious of him for. Vitani was ready to take this game to the next level, curious to see if Ludovino might just oblige her that very thing she'd been hunting for. If he played his cards right, she might just have something in mind for him after all.

Vitani Marie Lovelace


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